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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Siwonlover Project - [SUCCESS] Support for Siwon in SS5 Hongkong

Dearest fellow Siwonests and ELF, @SiwonLover is going to do a project to support Siwon in SS5 HongKong. Check the details out below~ ;)

Q: What project?
A: We will send flower to support Siwon, prepare cute gift for Siwon and give photocard to fans for free
Q: How do the photocard and flower look like?
A: This is how the photocard will look like:

The Flower photo

Group photo ~ Hong Kong Siwonest

Cute gift to Siwon

Q: How many photocard & flower will we prepare?
A: So far, our target is to prepare 1000 photocards and 1 flower
Q: Is there anything I can help for this project?
A: Of course! First, you can donate for us since the amount of fund we need to produce the photocards and buy the flower is 1000 HKD. Second, you can spread about this project to your friends so that we can make a successful support for Siwon.
Q: How can I donate?
A: We provide several ways of donating to make it easier for you.
Q: What will I receive as a feedback for my donation?
A: We will give  the donator list together with the t shirt to Siwon ^^v
Q: When is the due date for the donation?
A: Due to the need of producing time, we will close the donation period on June 9th, 2013.
Q: To whom should I ask if I have anything to ask about this project?
A: Kindly mention all involved fanbases Twitter accounts. @SiwonLover,  @ahpei0311 Will be happy to answer your questions. :)

We really hope that we can make this project successful and let Siwon feel that he is indeed loved by his fans, especially in HongKong. LOVE! :^)

[learn_more caption="Donators List"]
  1. Kapo Leung , [HongKong] - HKD 100
  2. Janet, [Peru] - HKD 57
  3. Coco, [HongKong] - HKD 100
  4. Yuki, [HongKong] - HKD 100
  5. Yvonne [Hongkong] - HKD 100
  6. Caca, [HongKong] - HKD 300
  7. Yan, [HongKong] - HKD 100
  8. Hilda, [HongKong] - HKD 200
  9. Tracy, [HongKong] - HKD100
  10. Karmen, [HongKong] - HKD100
  11. Natally, [HongKong] - HKD200
  12. bbkuoc  [Macau] - HKD126
  13. Daisy Lai [Hong Kong]  HKD$63
TOTAL : HKD 1646

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