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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Siwonlover Project - [SUCCESS] Support for Siwon in SS5 Indonesia

Dearest fellow Siwonests and ELF, @SiwonLover, @WeLoveChoiSiwon, @iSiwonELF, @WONindonesia, @SiwonestINA, and @SJFE_Siwonest are going to do a project to support Siwon in SS5 Indonesia. Check the details out below~ ;)

Q: What project?
A: We will give hand banners to fans who watch SS5 Indonesia.
Q: How do the hand banners look like?
A: This is how the hand banners will look like:
SS5 Indonesia - Hand Banner Project
Q: How many hand banners will you prepare?
A: So far, our target is to prepare 12.000 hand banners, 3000 hand banners for day #1 and 9000 hand banners for day #2.
Q: What areas will be involved?
A: For day #1, only standing area will be involved. For day #2, all areas will be involved.
Q: What should I do with the hand banners?
A: You should raise the hand banners up during one of the performance segments. The segment is to be announced later. ;)
Q: Is there anything I can help for this project?
A: Of course! First, you can donate for us since the amount of fund we need to produce the hand banners is not small. Second, you can spread about this project to your friends so that we can make a successful support for Siwon.
Q: How can I donate?
A: We provide several ways of donating to make it easier for you.
  • First, for Indonesian ELF, you can use bank transfer method. We provided three (3) different bank accounts for you.
    1. Bank Mandiri – Universitas Indonesia Depok Branch, acc. 157 000 135 9026 Bianca Natasya. After transferring, please inform @biancanatasya via Twitter.
    2. BCA – acc. 527 054 3733 Yunike. After transferring, please inform @EuniceDrw via Twitter.
    3. BNI – KCP Melawai Raya, acc. 028 795 6252 Abdul Aziz Azzam Aljundi. After transferring, please inform @DazzlingFanboy via Twitter.
  • Second, for both Indonesian and overseas ELF, you can also use Paypal method. Send your money to
  • Third, we also provide the On the Spot (OTS) donation method. The spots are in Jakarta, Depok, Bekasi, Serang (Banten), Cirebon, Jogjakarta, and Medan. OTS donation dates and venues will be announced later.
Q: What will I receive as a feedback for my donation?
A: We will give you a special photocard and of course, the hand banners as our gratitude for your donation.
Q: When is the due date for the donation?
A: Due to the need of producing time, we will close the donation period on May 19th, 2013.
Q: To whom should I ask if I have anything to ask about this project?
A: Kindly mention all involved fanbases Twitter accounts. @SiwonLover, @WeLoveChoiSiwon, @iSiwonELF, @WONindonesia, @SiwonestINA, or @SJFE_Siwonest. Will be happy to answer your questions. :)

We really hope that we can make this project successful and let Siwon feel that he is indeed loved by his fans, especially in Indonesia. LOVE! :^)

[learn_more caption="Donators List"]
  1. Diana Hesti Novianti, @deehae407 [Indonesia] - IDR50.000,00
  2. Linda Christiana, @LindaChrst [Indonesia] - IDR100.000,00
  3. Priscilla Dwianggita, @Priscillala__ [Indonesia] - IDR20.000,00
  4. Angela Maria, @angelamaria407 [Indonesia] - IDR50.000,00
  5. Mei Tri Yurniani, @m3i_chan_tix [Indonesia] - IDR50.000,00
  6. Gabriella Larasati, @galtrisia [Indonesia] - IDR50.000,00
  7. Nadira Putri, @houdini_95 [Indonesia] - IDR15.000,00
  8. Jesitawon, @jesitawon [Indonesia] - IDR50.000,00
  9. Dee, @babykyukyukyu [Indonesia] - IDR20.000,00
  10. Widya Ayu Lestari, @wiiwiiwiiwii [Indonesia] - IDR50.000,00
  11. Siwon_Lve, @Siwon_Lve [Indonesia] - IDR25.000,00
  12. Siwon's Fan NN - USD47.75 (USD50.00-Paypal fee USD2.25) = IDR457.000,00
  13. Yunita, @ynita407 [Indonesia] - IDR77.000,00
  14. Oktavia Mariana, @vya_galz [Indonesia] - IDR15.000,00
  15. Dede Karmila, @mila_wonkyu [Indonesia] - IDR20.000,00
  16. Delisya Putri, @Deiccya [Indonesia] - IDR35.000,00
  17. Christy Octaviani, @choichristy [Indonesia] - IDR50.000,00
  18. Tiur Fransiska Simatupang, @TiurFransiska [Indonesia] - IDR50.000,00
  19. Septy, @SeptyChoi407 [Indonesia] - IDR50.000,00
  20. Erika Suciari, @ErikaSuciari [Indonesia] - IDR20.000,00
  21. Henny, @ai_hennyaini [Indonesia] - IDR50.000,00
  22. Dien Mareta Imannia, @dienMARETA [Indonesia] - IDR50.000,00
  23. Tiara Anggita, @andutz [Indonesia] - IDR20.000,00
  24. Septi Zhumi, @septizhumi [Indonesia] - IDR100.000,00
  25. Nadya Adiguna Budianto, @nadya503 [Indonesia] - IDR50.000,00
  26. Astrid R. Pratiwi, @ChidWon108 [Indonesia] - IDR20.000,00
  27. Gabriela Johana, @gabby_johana [Indonesia] - IDR15.000,00
  28. Aruna Irani, @raneecute [Indonesia] - IDR50.000,00
  29. Septiani Suhardjo, @Tia_Finicky [Indonesia] - IDR25.000,00
  30. Gita Susanti, @Gietasusanti [Indonesia] - IDR20.000,00
  31. Ika, @ikayunia27 [Indonesia] - IDR20.000,00
  32. siwonsby, @siwonsby [Indonesia] - IDR100.001,00
  33. Aprilia Tan, @prilala21 [Indonesia] - IDR75.000,00
  34. Risca Agustine, @AgustineRisca [Indonesia] - IDR10.000,00
  35. Ika, Libri, Tiara, Elvin [Indonesia] - IDR100.000,00
  36. On the Spot Donation - Pekalongan [Indonesia], from Reni Wulandari, Rifda Ayu Azhari, Hidayatul Maula, Luklu'ul Maknun, Sopan Sopian, Leha - IDR80.000,00
  37. On the Spot Donation - Yogyakarta [Indonesia], from Tita Kartika - IDR20.000,00
  38. On the Spot Donation - Surabaya [Indonesia], from ... - IDR50.000,00
  39. Siwonest Mexico, @SiwonestMx [Mexico] - USD7.39 (USD8.00-Paypal fee USD0.61) = IDR72.000,00
  40. Directly involved fanbases [International + Indonesia] - IDR1.450.000,00

TOTAL : IDR3.631.001,00

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The donation period has been closed. Thank you so much for ALL of you who have supported the project so far. At the moment, we are in the process of producing 12.000 handbanners. The handbanners will be rolled up, and we will write the instructions on when to raise the handbanners up on the roller paper. ;)


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