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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Siwonlover Project - [SUCCESS] REPORT- Support for Siwon in SS5 Indonesia

Hi all~ ^^
This is the report of our Super Show 5 Indonesia projects for Siwon. Check this out~

A. Standing Flowers for Siwon

On June 1st, SiwonLover sent a standing flower (steek werk) for Siwon to support him in SS5 Indonesia. It was initially planned to be showed during the press conference event, but the press conference was suddenly moved to June 2nd while the flower was already placed inside. However, according to the news and picture we got, the standing flower was placed in front of the press conference room, at a place where Super Junior members always passed through.
SiwonLover also helped @Our_Siwon, a Siwon's fanbase which is based in Hongkong, to send a standing flower too. You can see the picture of the standing flowers below, taken inside the concert's backstage area. :)
We would like to thank Luv Florist for the flowers, @Chulchuchul who helped us taking the picture of the flowers in front of the press conference room, and of course for @missE from @DyandraEnt who has been so kind to allow us to put these flowers for the press conference event.

Standing Flowers from @SiwonLover and @Our_Siwon

In Front of the Press Conference Room
In Front of the Press Conference Room, taken by @Chulchuchul of @WorldWideElfs

B. Hand-banners Project

As you all know, SiwonLover together with @WeLoveChoiSiwon, @iSiwonELF, @WONindonesia, @siwonestINA, and @SJFE_Siwonest, had the hand-banners project for Siwon in SS5 Indonesia. You can read the original post about the project here. We were so happy that Siwon himself retweeted this project twice! Even though, it means that he has caught our mission for him. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Siwon's Retweets of the Project
Siwon's Retweets of the Project

On Day #1, we spread around 3.000 hand-banners for fans. On Day #2, we spread around 9.000 hand-banners for fans. We initially planned to raise the hand-banners during the cross-dressing stage of Siwon. However, we understood that most of you were so amazed to see Siwon during the cross-dressing stage that you were instead busy to take pictures and/or videos of him. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Nevertheless, we were really glad to see that there were many who still raise the hand-banners up even during other stages. So, thank you so much!
We were happy that this project was covered by one of Indonesian's local TV channel when they did coverage for SS5 Indonesia. But, the best thing was that Siwon himself tweeted 2 pictures of the project! ㅠㅠ

Siwon's Tweets about the Project
Siwon's Tweets about the Project


We would like to thank all donators who have supported us for this project. We would like to thank fans from Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Argentina, Singapore, Egypt, and many others who wished us good luck and prayed for this project. We would like to thank @cetakmurah for helping us print the hand-banners and @biancanatasya's parents who have helped a lot during the 13.000 hand-banners packaging process. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ We also want to thank all volunteers who kept their promise to come and helped us spread the hand-banners. YOU GUYS ROCK!

  1. Diana Hesti Novianti, @deehae407 [Indonesia] - IDR50.000,00
  2. Linda Christiana, @LindaChrst [Indonesia] - IDR100.000,00
  3. Priscilla Dwianggita, @Priscillala__ [Indonesia] - IDR20.000,00
  4. Angela Maria, @angelamaria407 [Indonesia] - IDR50.000,00
  5. Mei Tri Yurniani, @m3i_chan_tix [Indonesia] - IDR50.000,00
  6. Gabriella Larasati, @galtrisia [Indonesia] - IDR50.000,00
  7. Nadira Putri, @houdini_95 [Indonesia] - IDR15.000,00
  8. Jesitawon, @jesitawon [Indonesia] - IDR50.000,00
  9. Dee, @babykyukyukyu [Indonesia] - IDR20.000,00
  10. Widya Ayu Lestari, @wiiwiiwiiwii [Indonesia] - IDR50.000,00
  11. Siwon_Lve, @Siwon_Lve [Indonesia] - IDR25.000,00
  12. Siwon's Fan NN - USD47.75 (USD50.00-Paypal fee USD2.25) = IDR457.000,00
  13. Yunita, @ynita407 [Indonesia] - IDR77.000,00
  14. Oktavia Mariana, @vya_galz [Indonesia] - IDR15.000,00
  15. Dede Karmila, @mila_wonkyu [Indonesia] - IDR20.000,00
  16. Delisya Putri, @Deiccya [Indonesia] - IDR35.000,00
  17. Christy Octaviani, @choichristy [Indonesia] - IDR50.000,00
  18. Tiur Fransiska Simatupang, @TiurFransiska [Indonesia] - IDR50.000,00
  19. Septy, @SeptyChoi407 [Indonesia] - IDR50.000,00
  20. Erika Suciari, @ErikaSuciari [Indonesia] - IDR20.000,00
  21. Henny, @ai_hennyaini [Indonesia] - IDR50.000,00
  22. Dien Mareta Imannia, @dienMARETA [Indonesia] - IDR50.000,00
  23. Tiara Anggita, @andutz [Indonesia] - IDR20.000,00
  24. Septi Zhumi, @septizhumi [Indonesia] - IDR100.000,00
  25. Nadya Adiguna Budianto, @nadya503 [Indonesia] - IDR50.000,00
  26. Astrid R. Pratiwi, @ChidWon108 [Indonesia] - IDR20.000,00
  27. Gabriela Johana, @gabby_johana [Indonesia] - IDR15.000,00
  28. Aruna Irani, @raneecute [Indonesia] - IDR50.000,00
  29. Septiani Suhardjo, @Tia_Finicky [Indonesia] - IDR25.000,00
  30. Gita Susanti, @Gietasusanti [Indonesia] - IDR20.000,00
  31. Ika, @ikayunia27 [Indonesia] - IDR20.000,00
  32. siwonsby, @siwonsby [Indonesia] - IDR100.001,00
  33. Aprilia Tan, @prilala21 [Indonesia] - IDR75.000,00
  34. Risca Agustine, @AgustineRisca [Indonesia] - IDR10.000,00
  35. Ika, Libri, Tiara, Elvin [Indonesia] - IDR100.000,00
  36. On the Spot Donation - Pekalongan [Indonesia], from Reni Wulandari, Rifda Ayu Azhari, Hidayatul Maula, Luklu'ul Maknun, Sopan Sopian, Leha - IDR80.000,00
  37. On the Spot Donation - Yogyakarta [Indonesia], from Tita Kartika - IDR20.000,00
  38. On the Spot Donation - Surabaya [Indonesia], from ... - IDR50.000,00
  39. Siwonest Mexico, @SiwonestMx [Mexico] - USD7.39 (USD8.00-Paypal fee USD0.61) = IDR72.000,00
  40. Directly involved fanbases [International + Indonesia] - IDR1.450.000,00
TOTAL : IDR3.631.001,00
For donators who haven't got the photocards nor the hand-banners, please feel free to contact @biancanatasya. :^)

Fund Recapitulation

SiwonLover personally wants to thank the awesome fan-bases who have joined the project and become the team with us: @WeLoveChoiSiwon, @iSiwonELF, @WONindonesia, @siwonestINA, and @SJFE_SiwonestYOU GUYS ROCK! Can't wait for another amazing project together in the future~ :^)

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