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Friday, January 23, 2015

Siwonlover Project - [SUCCESS] 120407 Special project for Siwon's birthday ❤ Love from worldwide Siwon's fans

Siwonlover and The Siwonest presents

To celebrate Siwon's birthday on April 7, 2012, We are gonna collect money and donate it to Africa. (Details will be posted soon)
Due Date : April 5,2012
Joining Hands are
Choi Si Won's International fanbase : SIWONLOVER (English language) & Choi Siwon's Korean fanbase : THE SIWONEST 
China fanbase @Siwon_Nuna, , Indonesia fanbase , French fanbase @FrenchELF_Line , Thailand fanbase @SEE-WON, Philippine @SiwonPH Fanbases @WeloveChoisiwon , @Welovewonhae, @Siwonbiased, @Wonindonesia, @ProudofSiwon, @SiwonestChile, @SiwonestPeru

Donators list has been sent to Siwon

List based on country
Country - Fanbase - Donators' Name - Amount
Australia Irene, (reneee ), Australia, Siwonlover crew 10 USD
Australia victoria luong 20 USD
Bulgaria Evelina, 6 USD
Bulgaria Iliyana Nalbantova, (iliyana), 6 USD
Canada Lina T, canada 10 USD
Chile @siwonestchile Constanza Hernández 6 USD
Chile @siwonestchile Johana Sepúlveda Rifo 10 USD
Chile @SiwonestChile Johana, natalia, teresa 23 USD
Chile @siwonestchile Loreto Miranda López 10 USD
Chile @siwonestchile María Fernanda Rodrígues 5 USD
Chile @siwonestchile Melisa Martin Salvadores 41 USD
Chile @siwonestchile siwonestchile : bruno, debora,camila,geissy,roco 46 USD
Chile @siwonestchile Teresa Guerrero López 4 USD
China Baidu bar Choi Siwon BLESS Muzi, 165 USD
China Baidu bar Choi Siwon BLESS Bluesky407, 476 USD
China Baidu bar Choi Siwon BLESS Yiyi, 159 USD
China 현은 (拉面) 16 USD
China 永爱宇心 8 USD
China 江楠/荔枝小乔 16 USD
China 盈盈 32 USD
China @Siwon_Nuna 79 USD
China ai_siwon_choi, .林慧 hoter46 ,謝宜婷/嗶嗶 76 USD
China @white88blue, (eloveSW) 45 USD
France @FrenchELF_Line Amal Saadaoui 8 USD
France @FrenchELF_Line Asma Zbitou, 19 USD
France @FrenchELF_Line Bolletet Virginie, 8 USD
France Angela ndumbi, 19 USD
France Aurélie Dogimont 6 USD
France Benne Elsa, 15 USD
France Elise Lau 26 USD
France Gwendoline Marot, 6 USD
France Julie, 9 USD
France katel donner, 7 USD
Germany Miranti Amri (@__mira), 12 USD
Hongkong @Proudofsiwon Judy 7 USD
Hongkong @Proudofsiwon June: 6 USD
Hongkong @Proudofsiwon Mama Fans X 3: 39 USD
Hongkong @Proudofsiwon Meiko: 6 USD
Hongkong @Proudofsiwon Momoco: 6 USD
Hongkong @Proudofsiwon Morning: 6 USD
Hongkong @Proudofsiwon Phoebe: 13 USD
Hongkong @Proudofsiwon Vivian 26 USD
Hongkong natally lam, Siwonlover weibo admin 9 USD
Hongkong Wong Yan Chi, 9 USD
Hungary Beatrice, 10 USD
Indonesia @Forsujuindo forsujuindo 35 USD
Indonesia @siwonbiased Nesya Febi , @neszyELFlines 11 USD
Indonesia @siwonbiased Putra Arkan, 5 USD
Indonesia @welovewonhae Novi, @callmenope 11 USD
Indonesia @wonindonesia Debby Elita 5 USD
Indonesia @WonIndonesia Melizza, 11 USD
Indonesia @sharonclay, claudia angeline, 11 USD
Indonesia @ayudyah , indo 5 USD
Indonesia Ajeng 5 USD
Indonesia Ajeng S 6 USD
Indonesia Amira 22 USD
Indonesia Anastasia Karina 19 USD
Indonesia Astra Puri 11 USD
Indonesia Ayu Tri Agustian, 5 USD
Indonesia Bianca Natasya 22 USD
Indonesia Deasy Cynthia Inda 5 USD
Indonesia Dina Diana 5 USD
Indonesia Dinya 11 USD
Indonesia Erika, 38 USD
Indonesia Fakhriyah Usman, 9 USD
Indonesia Fikarini Hadiputeri 11 USD
Indonesia Helen Novrinda, (HeLeopardN), 11 USD
Indonesia Ladwina , siwonlover crew 11 USD
Indonesia Lia 11 USD
Indonesia Liviannie Tanuwijaya, @won_vie, 13 USD
Indonesia novita RS- dara lintang 11 USD
Indonesia Novita sarif 9 USD
Indonesia Rasmiaditya S, 5 USD
Indonesia Regina 22 USD
Indonesia Retno Kusuma astuti 13 USD
Indonesia risti nori 16 USD
Indonesia Sari Narulita, (sari413) 11 USD
Indonesia Sherna Jefri, sherna_SJ 11 USD
Indonesia stephanie defirsttav 5 USD
Indonesia Tinneke, 11 USD
Indonesia Tities, Siwonlover crew 11 USD
Indonesia Ulfah Anggraeny Hanggoro, (ulfah0296), 44 USD
Indonesia Valensia, siwonlover crew 16 USD
Indonesia Vera, @Vera_Pooh87 33 USD
Indonesia Widya septyana 11 USD
Indonesia Wimas blanco 11 USD
Indonesia Wonkyudome 11 USD
Indonesia yaya 5 USD
Indonesia Yunike, (Eunice), Indonesia, Siwonlover admin 42 USD
Indonesia Elisa 22 USD
Iran Zohreh beheshti, (znsshi_siwonest and ZnSshi), 20 USD
Japan Hiroe Hasegawa, 9 USD
Japan shiho oguro, 19 USD
Japan Takako, (ta_takako), siwonlover crew 9 USD
Japan Yuko Miyamoto, (yukopandajp), 19 USD
Japan group TheSiwonest - Japan Assenter Group , first round : 1,389 USD
Japan group TheSiwonest Setsuko Shoji
Japan group TheSiwonest Takako Nishida
Japan group TheSiwonest Yumirin
Japan group TheSiwonest Chicco44123
Japan group TheSiwonest Micchan
Japan group TheSiwonest Harumi Kuroiwa
Japan group TheSiwonest Tomomi Yamazaki
Japan group TheSiwonest AsakoYoneda
Japan group TheSiwonest Kana Satomi
Japan group TheSiwonest Naoko Nagashima
Japan group TheSiwonest Hideko Takamura
Japan group TheSiwonest Sonomi Hatano
Japan group TheSiwonest Mikako Kikuchi
Japan group TheSiwonest Tomoko Ono
Japan group TheSiwonest Mayumi Senju
Japan group TheSiwonest Etsuko
Japan group TheSiwonest Yoko Taguchi
Japan group TheSiwonest Noriko Mizutani
Japan group TheSiwonest Hisami Ozaki
Japan group TheSiwonest Takami Matsui
Japan group TheSiwonest Ayumi
Japan group TheSiwonest Mako
Japan group TheSiwonest itukichikal
Japan group TheSiwonest Setsuko, Japan assenter group, second round : 614 USD
Japan group TheSiwonest Setsuko Shoji
Japan group TheSiwonest Maki Ito
Japan group TheSiwonest Sachiyo Kase
Japan group TheSiwonest Naoko Nagashima
Japan group TheSiwonest Hisami Ozaki
Japan group TheSiwonest Takami Matsui
Japan group TheSiwonest Tomoko Ono
Japan group TheSiwonest Takako Nishida , Siwonlover crew
Japan group TheSiwonest Noriko MizutaniMalaysia Theresa Chan, malaysia 26 USD
Norway Thet Htar Swe, 30 USD
Peru @SiwonestPeru @Siwonestperu, 105 USD
Philippine @welovechoisiwon eleamor lapuz 11 USD
Philippine Charina Imma Zaragoza, (purpleblue_inna), 20 USD
Philippine Darrel Mercado, 10 USD
Philippine katrina Gaw, 23 USD
Philippine Nathalia , (@nathalia_623), 10 USD
Philippine SiwonPH SiwonPH, dana Kimberly Galang 10 USD
Romania Ioana, 10 USD
Singapore @Sherrrrmaine, 39 USD
Singapore Constance Chan YC, 47 USD
Singapore Eliza Yeo , 10 USD
Singapore Emy, (emyizz), Singapore, Siwonlover crew 17 USD
Singapore Jasmine Woo 24 USD
Singapore Johanna Han 45 USD
Singapore Karen Wong , Siwonlover crew 14 USD
Singapore Michaela Olivia, siwonlover crew 10 USD
Singapore Noi 15 USD
Singapore Reenie Chin, (happypeach91), 10 USD
Singapore Sook-Fong Wong, (sfwong), 15 USD
Singapore Suhailah Binte Ibrahim, 68 USD
Singapore Yanice Yanpin, 10 USD
South Korea TheSiwonest thesiwonest 133 USD
South Korea 3rdwavemusic, Pastor Johnny 650 USD
Spain 小九的十元钱 Xiaoyu Yang, 96 USD
Sweden Cecilia Tjädermo, 10 USD
Taiwan @Siwon_nuna, 71 USD
Taiwan Lily, taiwan 19 USD
Thailand adiOzSuyakan 33 USD
Thailand AEY 20 USD
Thailand Kai 20 USD
Thailand noname 4 USD
Thailand Prachaporn Boonma 13 USD
Thailand see-won 50 USD
Thailand Siwatta Mue, 10 USD
Thailand Siriporn Sinraksa, @siporn1979, 10 USD
Thailand Usapan Binsomprasong, @ChoiSiAn, 20 USD
Thailand Wilasinee Werukamkul 10 USD
Turkey Ayşe Talay (gkctly, mrwtly ,abetul_suju,busewon) 15 USD
UK Laura Batham 15 USD
UK Sara and Laisha (@SMusttu) 25 USD
UK Shahnaz Tasrin Wahid, 40 USD
UK Saddeka Begum, 31 USD
USA Ali Dominguez, USA, 10 USD
USA Asia Taylor 14 USD
USA betsy Wels, 10 USD
USA Cassandra Castro , (castro407) 10 USD
USA Dominique Lee 25 USD
USA Joanna Lebron 10 USD
USA Kim Pomper 10 USD
USA Lin Pei Chen, 6 USD
USA Natalie Ruiz, 24 USD
USA Nichele Anderson, USA 20 USD
USA Ophelia C, USA 10 USD
USA Seoun Kim, 20 USD
USA shahnon yeh, 10 USD
USA USA Fans : 159 USD
USA @Siwon_MrCool,
USA @jaclyntsang,
USA @yinyang509,
USA @YuenJudy,
USA @lovelyli​ly1,
USA @daisycha​n0101,
USA @mrcoolfa​n,
USA @lynnleun​g2010,
USA @IceChoco​407,
USA @JullietL​ee2011,
USA @angelng0​8,
USA @lover_sunshine,
USA @mybabypanda,
USA @paceliu,
USA Xuan,
USA Jerry
USA Yocelin Hernandez, (Yocelin413), USA, Siwonlover admin 15 USD Low Sill Yen,  30 USD Nur Kin 2 USD

List based on fanbase - in USD
@FrenchELF_Line 35
@ProudofSiwon 110
@Siwonbiased 16
@SiwonestChile 145
@SiwonestPeru 105
@SiwonPH 10
@welovechoisiwon 11
@welovewonhae 11
@WOnIndonesia 16
Choisiwon baidu bar 800,55 297,32 150 1.936 51
TheSiwonest Japan Assenter Group 2.002,72
TheSiwonest 133,27
@Forsujuindo 35,16

TOTAL : 6515 USD
Bank remiitance fee to Korea -30 USD

All money was sent to 3RDWAVEMUSIC Non Profit Bank Acc
Total Donation from Siwon's family (Siwon's fans) : 2600 USD + 3.692.534 KRW
Receipt 1 : 2600 USD

Receipt 2: 3.692.534 KRW

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