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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Siwonlover Project : [Delivered] Christmas Gift for Siwon

Siwonlover sent 2 Christmas gift for Siwon
A mini Siwon doll and a Scrap book with love and support messages from worldwide fans.
Doll price : 101 USD
Scrapbook material total costs : 100 USD
 photo siwonlover061_zpsd4bb49d5.jpg

 photo siwonlover063_zpsa7973e22.jpg
 photo siwonlover061_zpsd4bb49d5.jpg

 photo siwonlover039_zps29ca703b.jpg

 photo siwonlover040_zps1b846838.jpg
 photo siwonlover041_zpsc020c3a0.jpg
 photo siwonlover042_zps52cb8d97.jpg
 photo siwonlover043_zpsed3d6982.jpg
 photo siwonlover044_zps36d83851.jpg
 photo siwonlover045_zps05efa9b7.jpg
 photo siwonlover046_zps503baa13.jpg
 photo siwonlover047_zps05a360c4.jpg
 photo siwonlover048_zps8bbc1cd2.jpg
 photo siwonlover049_zps6c8ef5d1.jpg
 photo siwonlover050_zps1bfe1954.jpg
 photo siwonlover051_zpsf5e78c02.jpg
 photo siwonlover052_zps42655b88.jpg
 photo siwonlover053_zps265bbd17.jpg
 photo siwonlover054_zps67831b7a.jpg
 photo siwonlover055_zpse22e55ea.jpg
 photo siwonlover056_zps6ba1dd8d.jpg
 photo siwonlover057_zpsf6a137ac.jpg
 photo siwonlover058_zps06bef2bb.jpg
 photo siwonlover059_zpsfdcffe23.jpg


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