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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Siwonlover Project - 2013 [SUCCESS] Celebrating Siwon's Birthday


SiwonLover presents ❤....



Hello everyone~ Here is the project report. Check them out! :)


these hashtags on April 7th, 2013 at 00:00 KST became world trending topic for 10 hours



(romanized: saranghaneun choi siwon saengil, meaning: beloved siwon's birthday)



See all Birthday Dooodls for Siwon!

The winner is Caroline @pinkyfeline on twitter.

The grand prize is Official Super Junior Wall Calendar 2013. It was sent to Caroline ^^.
[learn_more caption="Click here to see how this contest goes"]
This year, we want to pour out lovely doodles and messages on Siwon's birthday!

Doodling's Rules!

  1. The contest and Dooodl application will be opened publicly on March 30th, 2013 and will be closed on April 5th, 2013.
  2. The doodle and message's theme should be about Siwon's birthday. =)
  3. The message must contain sentence: "Happy Birthday, Siwon" in your own language. But, you must use English for the rest of the message. For example, a message from Italian fan: "Buon compleanno, Siwon. May God bless you abundantly. We love you so much. :)"
  4. Please don't write the message too long or we won't be able to read the whole message.
  5. One person can submit maximum 3 Dooodls but only one of them may be chosen as winner. If you submit more than 3 Dooodls, we will only consider the first three Dooodls submitted to us.
  6. Drawing or writing something obscene, violent, or offensive is prohibited. SiwonLover has full right to put down the doodles and messages with offensive content.
  7. SiwonLover's team will choose several best doodles and messages. We will tweet them on April 7th, 2013 on SiwonLover's twitter and also mention Siwon and the doodles' makers.
Dooodl Examples

  1. Go to SiwonLover's website and find "Birthday Dooodl for Siwon" application at the right sidebar, above the News Update links.
  2. Click on "Draw a Birthday Dooodl for Siwon!"
  3. Use Brush and Colors to make your doodle in Dooodl area. Be creative!
  4. Click "Save It" when you're done, or "Reset" to start all over again.
  5. Fill in your name and your country in "your name" box. Format: Name - Country, example: SiwonLover - Worldwide
  6. Fill in your doodle's title in "title" box.
  7. Fill in your Twitter's username in "url" box. Format:, example:
  8. Write your birthday message for Siwon in "description" box. Don't forget to write "Happy Birthday, Siwon" in your own language!
  9. Click "OK!"
  10. You're finished~
  11. To see all doodles which have been submitted, click on "See all Birthday Dooodls for Siwon!"



A Charity Project to a Free English Course. Do you remember SiwonLover's projects for Siwon's birthday in 2011 and 2012? In 2011, SiwonLover joining hands with SJ-WORLD succesfully raised donation for Japan's relief on Siwon's birthday (read here). In 2012, SiwonLover joining hands with several fan-bases raised donation for medical relief program in Ivory Coast, West Africa (read here). From KPop, we know about Siwon. All Siwonests and ELF know how Siwon has always set a great example on how to share kindness to everyone. With these charity projects, SiwonLover really hopes that many fans can feel the compassion for their community, just like what Siwon has inspired us. :)
This year, to celebrate Siwon’s birthday in such a meaningful way, SiwonLover has decided to do another charity project under Siwon's name and his worldwide fans. The target is a free English course, named "Light English Course".
[learn_more caption="Click here to see details of donation target"]

Q : Why “Light English Course”?

  • It was established in 2004 in the middle of poor community with many kids whose parents cannot pay for their school tuition
  • The English Course’s vision is to bring hope to the community and re-construct their mindset that they can still be successful, to have jobs, and to have better future so that they will not be afraid to dream and pursue that dream.
  • The teachers work without being paid but they try hard to provide the needs for the kids in learning English.
  • They use one small room of the founder’s house to learn without proper desks and chairs
Learning in a small room, without proper chairs and desks

Q : Where is the location?

It is located in Tanah Tinggi, Central Jakarta, Indonesia.

Q : How many children are there?

At the moment, there are around 80 children who are currently studying.

Q : What can I do to help the children and make their world better?

  • First priority: Donate some money to help them find better place to study with good facility.
  • Give away English books, dictionaries, CDs, or stationary to the children to help them learn optimally. (Due to shipping expenses, it is prioritized for Indonesian fans. Please contact @EuniceDrw or @biancanatasya via Twitter to participate.)

Q : How can I donate?

1. Paypal
  • Send your donation to: or go to this page
  • Pick the "Money Owed" or "Personal Gift" option; if there is a fee, please cover it.
  • Write your name and country in the notes when you send the payment.
2. Bank Transfer/Deposit
  • Indonesia :
    1. BCA ~
      Account Name : Yunike
      527 054 3733 ~
      After transferring, please confirm to @EuniceDrw on twitter
    2. Mandiri cabang UI Depok ~
      Account Name : Bianca Natasya ~
      157 000 135 9026 ~
      After transferring, please confirm to @BiancaNatasya on twitter
  • USA :
    1. USA : TD Bank ~
      Account Name : Yocelin ~
      4245529015 ~
      After transferring, please confirm to @Yoshiflower on twitter or send email to
  • Japan :
    1. Japan Post Bank
      Account Name : Setsuko Shoji~
      After transferring, please confirm to
  • The Philippines :
    1. BPI ~
      account name: Jema Belleza ~
      0476 3543 46 ~
      After transferring, please confirm to @jem_prue on twitter
  • Australia :
    1. BSB : 062498 ~
      Irene (CBA) ~
      Acc number : 10143373 ~
      After transferring, please confirm to @reneeei on twitter
  • HongKong :
    1. Hang Seng Bank ~
      Account Name : Lam Lap Wai Natally ~
      371 226721 668 ~
      After transferring, please confirm to @ahpei0311 on twitter
  • China :
    1. China Construction Bank (Shenzhen Brunch)
      Account Name : 林立慧 ~
      6210-8172-0000-0256-246 ~
    2. Alipay ~ Account Name : 林立慧 ~ ~ After transferring, please confirm to @ahpei0311 on twitter
3. Credit Card
Please go to this page
4. Concealed/hidden cash in an envelope to our countries representative. Please check here

Q : What should I do after I donate?

You must fill the form to report your donation to us to let us know that you have donated. We will include you in the donators' list (scroll down to find the donators list). Click on this button below. It will direct you to the form page. :)

Q : When is the due date?

April 5th, 2013 at 00:00 AM KST.

Q : What will happen to my donation?

All donation will be given to "Light English Course" by SiwonLover's staffs who reside in Jakarta on April 6th, 2013, under Siwon's name and his worldwide fans. The total result will be announced on this page, if it is possible also on teenage magazine in Indonesia, on official Korea representative in Indonesia and we will put it on newspaper or Indonesia's tabloid.

Q : What will I receive as a feedback from my donation?

For at least 5 USD donation, SiwonLover sent a postcard worldwide as a gratitude to donators.

The amount doesn't matter, but it is the love that counts. Through music, or KPop in this context, as one universal language which is able to unite us as Siwon's fans, it is not impossible to unite us as the world’s citizens and make a better world for those in needs. :)

[learn_more caption=" List of donators"]
    1. 250 USD
    2. Singapore Suhailah Binte Ibrahim ($15,00 USD - Paypal Fee:-$0,89 USD) $14,11 USD
    3. USA Cassandra Castro $15,00 USD
    4. Indonesia Ayu Tri Agustian @ayutriagustian 50 000 IDR
    5. Indonesia Sianto Susanto 50 000 IDR
    6. Indonesia Bianca Natasya 500 000 IDR
    7. Indonesia Mian Ayu Ratna Aisyah 700 000 IDR
    8. Indonesia Tinneke Oktaviani @octa82_ichigo 200 000 IDR
    9. Indonesia Ayu Oktavia Dwi @odw_yuwon 100 000 IDR
    10. Indonesia Eunice 500 000 IDR
    11. Indonesia Erika Suciari @ErikaSuciari 100 000 IDR
    12. HongKong Natally, Yvonne, Karmen, Element, Lorita, Tracy, Hilda, Carol 500 HKD
    13. Indonesia Dewi Rahmawati Nurhidayah 100 000 IDR
    14. Sri Lanka Athraja de Silva ($8,00 USD Paypal Fee:-$0,61 USD )$7,39 USD
    15. Indonesia Gabriella Larasati 300 000 IDR
      MAKI, TOMOKO ONO, MAKI KOMIYA, HARUMI,SETSUKO SHOJI ($190,00 USD Paypal Fee:-$7,71 USD) $182,29 USD
Current Total : 806.3 USD

Thank you for all your love and support this project and of course your sincere love to Siwon.

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