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Friday, December 10, 2010

Super Junior On Korean Hurricane Translations June 2010 Issue (chapter 1)

Super Junior On Korean Hurricane Translations June 2010 Issue
chapter 1

Year 2010 Expo Hallyu Star Night

Super Junior Raised the Climax

Super Junior’s appearance on stage, triggered the longest-lasting screams of the whole event, and it naturally originates from their fans, the adorable E.L.F. (They) lined up at the World Expo’s entrance overnight, and for the sake of getting a ticket for the performance, (they) broke through the many layers of barrier produced by the security personnel. Everyone who came to visit the World Expo today have all witnessed this group of children’s passion and perseverance. Youth should be like this in the first place, should it not? The feelings of being wronged and the exhaustion which have been repressed for the entire day can only be completely dispelled by screaming out loud. The kids who have queued up for the entire night but could not get a ticket, remained at the blockade region without a single drop of water as part of their perseverance, fighting for the final chance to be able to enter the event venue in order to extend their support (to SJ). At this moment, apart from screaming, (and) shouting out loud, there’s no better way. And SJ presented some magnificent S.M.P. to their fans. “A Man in Love”, “Sorry, Sorry” are songs that possess plenty of stage charisma, and were able to deliver the climax of the entire show.

-Omitted parts irrelevant to SJ-

(We) initially thought that the co
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