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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fans of Siwon flooded part of the reception with their support (Athena press con)

With the trend of rice wreaths looming in the Korean industry, with fans opting to support their idols in a more charitable way. On the recent press conference of the IRIS spin-off, Athena, fans of Super Junior member Siwon flooded part of the reception with their support. Choi Siwon’s rice wreaths are only a portion what fans had for the rest of the production team.

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quote :
When i saw standing flower that sent to Athena presscon yesterday, i was thinking, Siwon must be so happy if the flag of the flower come from every place in this world, since i know you guys are from many countries. Yesterday, the flag on flower told Siwon that they are (including us) from China, Thailand, and other countries. As Siwonlover is from Indonesia, USA and Phillipina.
We think abt this, if we make an international forum, later when we send standing flower or gift, we will let people in this world know that Siwon also known in USA, Indonesia, Phillipina, England, Turky, Kurdishtan, Malaysia, Netherland, Italy, Singapore, UAE, Iran, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Japan etc.

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  1. wow... i'mso proud of you oppa!!!! chukahae!!! ^^