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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Choi Si Won - Super Junior M will release album

The event “Celebrities Bringing You Around Seoul”, which was jointly organized by the Seoul Tourism Board and Sina Entertainment, was able to invite Super Junior-M and the programme team of 《Bravely Moving Forward》 to experience Korea’s traditional (sport) Taekwondo together, and after an absence of half a year, SJ-M also revealed that they would be releasing a new album to repay the fans.

SJ-M tries their hand in Taekwondo, Siwon and Henry received praises

On that day (of the filming), the temperature in Seoul, Korea was close to below zero, and in the outdoor event, there were still hundreds of fans who were awaiting in the cold. The day’s schedule includes the events where Super Junior-M lead China’s audiences to experience Korea’s most famous tourism spots in a close distance, including the Han River Bridge, the Seoul Olympic Park, Lotte World and more. At the Han River Bridge, Super Junior-M even put on Taekwondo uniforms and put up a Taekwondo performance with their trainer and also the Chinese host (of the programme), whereby the trainer taught the most basic moves in Taekwondo (to the SJ-M members). Choi Siwon, who has experience in the Taekwondo area, was able to pull it off well, and his spinning kick received the praises from their trainer. Aside from that, Henry was also praised to have the talent (for Taekwondo), to the extent that the trainer wanted to have him as his disciple.

New album is in the preparations, has hopes to participate in more acting projects

After leaving the Chinese fans for half a year, Super Junior-M mentioned that they would be having their comeback soon, and that they were in the process of recording for the new album. When the album productions were done, they will start their promotional activities in various cities across China, and the style of the new album would also give their fans a fresh feeling. Group member Siwon and the others have received critical acclaim in various movie/drama works, and when asked whether they would be dabbling in the Korean acting industry, Zhou Mi also said that the company has such plans for them in this area. They hope to be able to participate in some large-scaled movie productions, and to work with local filmmakers.

Source: Sina Entertainment
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