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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Choi Si Won - Super Junior encourage Thai fans

‘SJ’ sending an encouragement to Thai fans

Being one of heartthrobed K-pop superstars who participated in “PD Radio concert: the grand opening”, the 10 members of famous boy band, Super Junior came with their 8 songs. From the opening hit song like “Bonamana” followed by “No Other”, “It has to be you” Cinderella’s OST, “Sorry Sorry” etc.
Since the show on stage is lots of fun like this, we “Seoul Club” could not miss a chance to have an exclusive interview with them again. Whenever we meet, they always had new works for Thai fans! They even sent their love and remembrance to “Thai ELFs” and also sent care to the flood victims.
So! if you are ready, don’t waste your time. Let’s chat with all 10 members of Super Junior together…

* What are you doing here in Thailand this time?

Leeteuk : “We come to perform in PD Concert. We are very honored that we have a chance to perform with Thai and international artists.”

* You guys come to Thailand very often. Do you have any preparations for making each shows different?

Leeteuk : “Because Super Junior already has 4 albums, so we have many songs to sing. We’ll try to find new songs that our fans doesn’t normally hear to practice and perform. So all fans would feels that this is a new song, a new stage and a new performance.”

* Now all of you have your own works, so how do you manage your time to do group activities together?

Leeteuk : “You may think that it’s difficlut, but actually it’s not. Since we live in the dorm together, when we finish our schedules, we meet and have a talk.”

* Recently Thailand has experienced floods, as Super Junior is one of the artists that having a huge fans in Thailand, would you like to say something to encourage the victims?

Leeteuk : “We heard this news before we came here. We are really feel sorry, not only to our fans, but all Thai people. Now we are cheering, encouraging and also praying for everyone. Everything will get better soon.”

* Each members want to say something to ELFs who always support you?

Yesung : “You know what, everytime I play the musical, there are many Thai fans go to watch it so I’m really thankful. And for repaying your love and support, I will come here more often.”

Donghae : “Now I have a dance practicing to perform in “Super Show 3″ concert. I will do my best to show everyone a new performance. And I want to say Thank you and want to give my love to everyone also.”

Heechul : “I feel so good for coming to Thailand. Because everytime I am here, I receive a great warm welcome. Honestly, I’m very happy and have to say thank you.”

Kyuhyun : “I can only say that Thailand is the country that I love so much, the country that give me an impression and the country that I want to come very often.”

Siwon : “As we know about flooding here, I feel really sad and anxious about everyone in Thailand a lot. Don’t forget that we still have hope, everything has a solution. And don’t forget that I always stand beside you and always pray for you all.”

Ryeowook : “We will have the “Super Show 3″ concert soon, so I would like everyone come to see us”

Sungmin : “We come to see everyone this time with the concert on stage, I realize we may not be physically close (to everyone). Next time I will hurry to give you a new song, please keep waiting for it. And I want to meet everyone and get closer.”

Eunhyuk : “I want everyone to know that Thailand is the first country that we have an activity out of Korea. We promise that we will stay beside you forever.”

Shindong : “I think all members has said everything already, so I want to say that I really want to go travel in Thailand. And if I come here, please give me a place to sleep also the food. I want to travel here badly and I will come for sure.”

Leeteuk : “We are really glad with PD Radio and we thank you a lot for inviting us to participate in this concert. Through 5 years, all Thai ELFs give Super Junior a lot of love. Eventhough we are far apart, we feel very thankful. Also the flooding, I want to tell everyone to have more encouragement. I always care and cheer for you. Today we will show a good performance so that all of you may forget the flooding for a while and be happy with our stage performance together.”

This is a good encouragement from Super Junior to Thai people who are facing the flood. Next time “Seoul Club” will have any interresting for you or not, please don’t miss…

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