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Friday, December 10, 2010

CHoi SI Won - The “Athena” cast lights up the COEX Megabox Theater Dec 9th 2010

Did the drama make an early premiere?

SBS’s Athena: Goddess of War will still premiere at 9:55pm(KST) on December 13th,however the cast still has to do their pre-promotions. Actors Jung Woo-sung, Soo Ae, Choi Si-won,Cha Seung-won,Lee Ji-ah,and Kim Min-jong all took part in a red carpet event for their new drama at Seoul’s COEX Megabox Theater on December 9th. “Athena” is the sequel to the 2009 hit drama “IRIS“. The story revolves around a team of National Anti-Terror Service Agents who are assigned to protect Korea from terrorism that may arise after the country’s discovery of the new high-speed nuclear (TWR).
Source: Nate,Asia Economic Daily,and Asian Media Wiki

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