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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

USB3G Praying for Choi Si Won, Brian Joo, Alexander, Ps.John Lee USB3G NOV'10 ed.

Join us as part of USB3G to pray for @Brianjoomuzik @alexander_0729 @siwon407 @3rdWaveMusic on 11/1!

USB3G stands for U-Kiss/Siwon/Brian/3rd Wave Group. Partners @brianjoo110 @SiwonLover @kissme_1820 pray together on the 1st of every month. We invite you to pray with us for the artists that we love and support! ^^

God bless and have a great week ahead~


GROUP PRAYER: Please pray for the following anytime on Nov. 1st. ^^


1. U-Kiss' safety and health - The members have been travelling to and from Japan a lot and they have been juggling fairly hectic schedules. Please pray for their safety and health as it is still their comeback season.

2. U-Kiss' Singapore event - The boys will be going to Singapore on the 19th for an event. Please pray that they will have an amazing time there and fans will give them more love than they know how to deal with. ;D Also, pray for good media coverage on the event and protection for fans who are flying in from other countries to catch the boys in action.

3. Kevin's birthday - Nov. 25 is Kevin's birthday and he will be turning 19 this year. Please pray that he will not only grow physically in age but spiritually as well. Pray that he continues to grow in the Lord and be His light to those around him. Pray that he'll be able to celebrate a meaningful birthday with family/friends/fans.



1. Siwon's heart - Please pray that Lord Jesus teaches Siwon HIS ways so that Siwon can always walk in HIS truth and that the world cannot corrupt him. (Psalm 27:11) Also, pray that Siwon will always be filled with the Holy Spirit. (John 4:23, Psalm 63:1)

2. Siwon's activities - Please pray that Siwon will always lean on God and live a healthy lifestyle. Also, pray that God will bless him with success in whatever he does: the filming of Athena: Goddess of War; Super Show 3 concert in Nanjing, China on Nov. 13; MCing 'ICON' music shows; filming commercials for endorsements; and various activities. Pray that Siwon will always be a blessing for the nations.

3. Siwon's family - (Isaiah 59:21) Please pray for Siwon's lovely parents and sister Jiwon Choi to always be together in Christ and live only for Christ. Also, pray for Siwon's beloved brothers in Super Junior: Leeteuk, Heechul, Shindong, Yesung, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Kangin, Kibum, Hangeng, Zhou Mi, and Henry to always be in good spirits.



1. Brian's health & schedule - It's been getting quite cold in Seoul. Please pray that Brian will stay healthy in the cold weather as he goes about his activities. Pray he will be able to eat well and get proper rest to recharge as he continues to prepare for his 3rd solo album. Also, pray that other activities such as special concerts, guest appearances, photoshooting for his online mall , etc. will go well. On Nov. 6, he will be a guest at Rise Up Suwon. This is a Christian event that's part of the Rise Up Movement/Ministry. Please pray that this event will go smoothly and Brian along with others attending will travel there safely. Also, he was supposed to be a guest at Park Hyo Shin's concert on Oct. 30; however, Hyo Shin fell ill and had to be taken to the hospital after the concert started. As a result, the show had to be cancelled and Brian did not end up performing. Please pray for Hyo Shin's health so that he can recover quickly.

2. Brian's recent activities - Brian got to see his fans in the States for the New York Chuseok Festival & at Club Circle and in Thailand for the Thai-Korea's Friends Concert last month. Thanksgiving for the smooth proceeding of these events and fans' enthusiastic response. Both Brian and fans had a great time! May God continue to use Brian to touch other people's lives through his kindness and sincerity, and may he in turn be blessed by the fans' love and support.

3. Brian's family - For those who haven't been following Brian's updates, his grandfather passed away while he was in the U.S. =( So, it has been a particularly difficult time for him and his family for the past while. Please pray that Brian and his family will have peace from the Lord. May God continue to renew them with strength each day. And despite the loss of a precious loved one, we thank God for giving Brian the opportunity to be by his grandpa's side before He took him home.


3rd Wave:

1. 3rd Wave's album - The "I Will Be There" CD has been purchased by supporters in many different countries, including those in Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, etc. where the predominant religious beliefs are Muslim and Buddhist. Please pray for this album to continue to touch the hearts of many across the nations. Also, thanksgiving that people are united to help support the IWIN Campaign in hopes of building a brighter future for Africa regardless of their faiths. Pray that the second round of album sales will go well and have great response.

2. 3rd Wave's church planting - 3rd Wave has been gaining favor from people and they have been joining the church planting team. Please pray that God sends the right workers.

3. 3rd Wave's health and Japan trip - Please pray for the team members to have good physical health and also have time to rest and recharge spiritually. Johnny has been experiencing a series of little things that has slowed him down. Also, the team will be heading to Japan this month with a vision of starting a music conference there. Pray for travel safety and that God will prepare the way for them and guide their steps as they do His work.

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