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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

SUper Junior M in Yin Yue Feng Yun Bang, Nov 2010

Recently, the Yin Yue Feng Yun Bang has revealed to the public, the second Yin Yue Feng Yun Bang will be held on 11/1/2010. Korean pop group Super Junior M will be attending this festival. This festival is to award those overseas rookies who contribute to the mainland music industry.

When the second Yin Yue Feng Yun Bang is appraising the rookie in mainland, the awards are also set to make major reforms, such as setting up overseas Rookie of the Year and the annual overseas artists and other overseas awards, among all mainland Music Awards ceremony, the Mengniu milk Fengyun Bang Music Festival is the first to establish awards for overseas rookie. In this selection of overseas artists, the Festival Organizing Committee has been very serious. Regarding the Japanese and South Korean artists, music Fengyun Bang Mengniu milk has begun to contact artist-owned record company in Japan and South Korea; the rookies included Thelma Aoyama, Jasmine, Wonder Girls and other new Japanese and South Korean artists.
The Fengyun Bang spread the news yesterday that the Super Junior M led by Hangeng will attend this ceremony. The festival’s organizing committee was having positive comments on their new album, another reason is that the effort of Super Junior M in the past two years was for all to see, they gain high popularity with their professional attitude and affinity. The organization has not revealed which awards Super Junior M will be competing for.

In the past two years, the Korean trend in China has begun to decline, Super Junior M is one of the few which has high popularity in both Korea and China, and they have a lot of fans in both countries. The increasing popularity of Super Junior M has set off a small climax to a certain extent for the slightly flagging Korean trend. In addition, the Korean pop group Wonder girls which has constantly received good comment, if their schedule is available for them to appear at this festival, the prize for the overseas awards will be greatly increased. the overseas awards of this festival will also stimulate the music industry in mainland.

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