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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

SUPER JUNIOR Happy 5th anniversary !

On November 6th, Super Junior held a celebratory mini-concert at the Korea University Gymnasium with their official fanclub, as a way to officially mark five successful years since their Inkigayo debut back in 2005.
Yet it wasn’t just Super Junior and their Korean fans who were celebrating this day – fans from all around the world came together to complete one of the most meaningful projects K-pop has ever witnessed, by compiling fan letters to Super Junior in 30 different languages.
According to the founder and manager of this project,, the link to the project blog received over 5,000 views in 83 different countries. Amazingly, the site managed to attract this many visitors in the span of just 12 hours! The project managed to write fan letters in Korean, English, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Thai, Turkish, Norwegian, Czech, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Greek, Romanian, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Somali, Flipino/Tagalog, Indonesian, Malay, Vietnamese, Hindi, Tamil, and Mongolian.
The English version of the fan letter reads,
Dear Super Junior,
Thank you for being one of the greatest things in our lives. You are not a mere boy band, a simple crush, or an impersonate idol. You are 13 young men who, through true spirits and good hearts, have united thousands of people. You have entertained and inspired us through your hard work and talents. Yet most importantly, you have taught us valuable life lessons. We learned from you that dreams are vaster than state boarders. And that positive spirit is the key to all challenges. You showed us that we must work hard for what we love and protect and stand for whom we love. We learned from you that being a humble dork is much more charming than being a stuck-up jerk. You taught us that spontaneity is a gift not a defect and that you will always grow old, but not necessarily grow up. And that life is sweet but never easy. And that with all these virtues, we can all change the world.
We just wanted to let you know that you did change the world. You are more than music idols, or entertainers, you are heroes, for you have positively changed the lives of many. We want to always be guided by you. You do not need a catchy song to steal our hearts; your smiles have already done that. You have always touched our lives and hearts, and we wish day and night to be able to do the same for you. We wish that every year you would feel closer to us, and feel our unwavering admiration and love for you. Please always know that you succeeded in the past few years and that in every world corner you have an ELF to witness that. We will stand united for you and for the many years of success to come, not just in your career, but mostly in your life.

Yours always and forever,
E.L.Fs around the world
6, Nov, 2010
You can check out the letters in the 30 different languages here.
SM Entertainment, also posted a meaningful message through a public newspaper advertisement to congratulate the group for their five years of success. They wrote,
Five years have passed since Super Junior was born
Five years ago today, they knew that they would ‘do well’
despite voices worrying whether if they really could.
With each step full of passion and effort,
they became the ‘first’
as they stepped out into
different genres to sing, to act, to MC, to DJ
Reaching out to Asia and the world outside of Korea
And have now grown into the “Super Junior” that represents Korea
Their proud steps are now just beginning
We will be with them into the future
The executives and staff members of SM Entertainment
congratulate Super Junior’s five year anniversay with one heart

Congratulations to Super Junior on their 5th anniversary!

Sources: Naver blog, TV Report, keiaku@Twitter
Tip: anjell_21,, lalaa

Credit: Sujuism01 @ YT ; SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM
Shared by: [YY] @ 2s1family

Asia’s most popular group Super Junior celebrates 5th anniversary of their debut.

They first appeared on November 6th 2005 through SBS Inkigayo. Since then, they have become Asia’s super star through various activities. Super Junior will hold their 5th year anniversary party in Korea College, Seoul on the 6th. Let’s take a look at the activities they had for the past 5 years.
Super Junior is made of multi-talented members who work in various areas as actors, MCs, DJs, gagmans, composers and models in addition to working as singers. Since the debut, they had a catch phrase ‘separately and together’ and performed various activities. Many were suspicious of this strategy. But now, it has become a trend.

Siwon, Heechul, Kibum and Donghae are working as actors, while Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Shindong are working as radio DJs and are appearing various variety shows. Kyuhyun, Yesung, Sungmin and Ryeowook are actively participating in musicals and OSTs.
Super Junior is a pioneer in introducing unit system to Korean music industry. Along with their ‘separately and together’ activities, unit system was also unfamiliar. However, it has now become aground breaking system that other singers have also tried this system.

Starting with the ballad unit, Super Junior-K.R.Y. made up of Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung who have great singing abilities, there was also Super Junior-T who was the first showcase trot as idols. Super Junior-M worked in China and achieved grand slam at Chinese award shows. Lastly, Super Junior-Happy showcased bright and fun music. The group transformed itself through various genres and performances that their diverse music and charms received recognition.
Super Junior is receiving overwhelming interests from all of Asia.

Also, the fourth album Miinah released this year is expected to have their highest CD sales. The album has been ranked number one for 22 weeks on KKBOX.

Moreover, Super Show 2 which was held in 9 cities in Asia for a total of 15 shows had cumulative audience of 200,000. Their third Asia tour, Super Show 3 will be held in 13 cities in Asia for a total of 16 shows.
Source: Sports Chosun
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

Lyrics from the song “Thank you” by Super Junior

For being my strength when I was weary,

and for always being by my side. I finally say this now, THANK YOU.

And because of you I’m happy, this is for you.

Before my tears dry. They had to spill that day. You held my hand in the dark. Without a word you watched over me. THANK YOU. You must have had a harder time then I did. You must had worried more then I did. Because of you I was able to stand. Its a thankful heart. There was so much you wanted to give me. You struggled with the fact that you couldnt. Trust me, grab my hand. If with you, I feel like anything could be done. I wont have hard times anymore. Even if times get rough, I have you. Without having to say a word, theres someone like you who already knows it all, Im happy.

Translation by SooMinWorld @ YT

Oppa-dul, another year has passed and ELF is still here holding strong for you. You have given us your best these past years and though I may have only met you not so long ago, I feel loved by many ELF who has been with you since day one. This is the power of SJ & ELF. God blessed us with a group of very delightful oppas. No matter what others say about you, please remember that ELF is always going to be here. You worked very hard for ELF, and we promise to do the same back! Please be well and stay with us for another 170 years!
ELF & Super Junior FOREVER!

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