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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Siwonlover is making International Forum for Siwon Choi. Let's join !

Hello all

We are on progress in making an International forum for Siwon Choi
We invite u to join with us, to be a part of this coming forum.

So far, we are looking for this positions :

Global Moderator
DonwLoad Crew
News Crew

Pls let me know, if you interested dear or send email to
thank u so much

When i saw standing flower that sent to Athena presscon yesterday, i was thinking, Siwon must be so happy if the flag of the flower come from every place in this world, since i know you guys are from many countries. Yesterday, the flag on flower told Siwon that they are (including us) from China, Thailand, and other countries. As Siwonlover is from Indonesia, USA and Phillipina.
We think abt this, if we make an international forum, later when we send standing flower or gift, we will let people in this world know that Siwon also known in USA, Indonesia, Phillipina, England, Turky, Kurdishtan, Malaysia, Netherland, Italy, etc.
Cool or not?

So what r u waiting for, u can join with this on progress forum. Just pick the position suit with you and tell us =) We really happy if you are truly Siwon's fans and support this international forum =)

Gbu =)


So far Siwonlover's recent project
support 3rdWaveMusic as official admin
sent standing flower at Athena presscon (in partnership with Siwonthailand)
will give Siwon directly a book as christmas gift
more coming project

let's share this article on twitter :)

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