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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fan account & Pics of Siwon in 2nd episode of ICON recording

101114/Siwon/Fanaccount] 2nd episode of ICON recording
Yesterday was the second recording for ICON, this time round, there are about 30 seats specially for fans of the MC. There were various types of sapphire blue towels, balloons, light sticks and some chinese Siwon's LED boards, the MC realised the area where fans of MC (Siwon) were gathering at. MC Choi greeted (us) for a few times. The highlights of MC Choi's clothes are lesser as compared to the first time (especially the bow tie in the first episode). But in the 2nd episode, the combination of the simple white blouse paired with the black suit was still really suave.

Yesterday, it was the 20 years anniversary debut for Shin Seung Hun who made a guest appearance. Siwon expressed that he had always admire Shin Seung Hun, and Shin sunbae-nim stated that SJ was a great band, and hopes to work with SJ someday, but it seems like SJ is always in China, and international calls phone bills are very expensive - -;;; everyone burst into laughter. Other than his own fans, Shin sunbae-nim kept greeting the fans of the MC (Siwon) seated in an area, and he kept saying he likes Siwon a lot. During the last song, Siwon came out from the side, stood at the first row and moved to the beat of the song.

Before the 2nd recording begin, the female MC asked (the fans) how many came to see her, because it felt like everybody were fans of Siwon, then everyone shouted her name crazily, saying that she is pretty. Siwon said in a depressed tone, "You want to attack me on this too?" Then the MC asked if there were any overseas fans, in the end (,) there were many voices "Here!" "Here!". Siwon imitated Brian and Fanny, and laughed at himself saying that he has to make more preparations in the future.

When SHINee appeared as guests, the interview did not went on smoothly, probably it was due to the fact that everyone is close with one another, (therefore) chatting in such a formal occasion (,) everyone is a little that*** = =;; the audience had a hard time viewing it, haha~ The recording ended pretty late yesterday, during the ending, Siwon kept thanking everyone who stayed till the end (of the recording). Lastly, he waved and thanked the fans who were waiting outside at the car park.

The last guests were 3 highly-respected artists, MC (Siwon) was also on stage. Someone* was standing at the first row, holding a LED board and using the camera to take pictures secretly. Suddenly, one of the artists said, "This is ? The in ah, not too sure about the other one though."* Then Korean fans all said that it's the in **. At this point of time, the someone* then realised and looked up, the artist and the fans around her were looking at her chinese LED board = =

The artist joked and said that this thing (LED board) is really good, and that he is envious of Siwon. Siwon kept bowing and said thanks. The someone* was so scared she turned off the LED board = =;; Siwon even thanked the LED board after he ended his hosting for this section. During the whole recording, Siwon seemed to be in a good mood, and constantly asked everyone if they are happy. Occasionally, he will laugh at himself secretly for some of the awkward performances he had on stage. MC Choi, fighting!

Someone* - all referring to the same person (fan)
** - the artist was figuring out the chinese words written on the LED board, which was Siwon's chinese name "始源". The artist figured out "始" but not "源" so the korean fans told him using the hanyu pinyin of another chinese word.
*** the fan couldn't find a word to describe it XD

Source: Siwon's baidu bar
Shared by: yeyebaby @ SJ-WORLD.NET
English translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET

pics credit to choisiwon baidu bar. shared by Eunice @Siwonlover

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