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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fan Account - Choi Si Won - SJM filming Bravely Moving Forward

LIVE BROADCAST (Note: All times are in KST.)

10:36 All six SJM members have arrived at the filming location
11:28 First part has concluded, Siwon said hello ^^ Now we’re moving to the next location, M is awesome!
12:26 M has arrived at the Han River, the scenery is beyond gorgeous, Henry is playing the piano, Siwon is having his makeup fixed
12:34 Filming has started, Taekwondo super Siwon, COOL!!!
12:58 Siwon has changed into a taekwondo uniform [NOTE: this is corrected later on], crazy handsome, Donghae said enviously: “I’ve never learned this”
13:54 Siwon is teaching everyone proper Taekwondo etiquette~~ haha super chivalrous, super lovable, it’s just~~ you’re old~~
13:57 Donghae came to say hello~~ Old Choi is laughing at Little Mi ge’s pose~~ Siwon says he’s nervous to solo [Taekwondo]~~ uh huh~ fine, keep pretending~~
14:03 Choi ge~ used taekwondo to teach Henry a lesson, Henry yelled “OW~~” Our poor little kid~~ Cho Kyu is laughing nonstop~ And Ryeowook froze, so Old Choi hugged him~~ M is so affectionate~~ hurry and come back to China~~
14:13 Henry is doing Taekwondo, totally American-style~
14:16 The teacher says Ryeowook’s moves are the most standard
15:06 Ending now, Old Choi is showing off his kicking skills, his shy little expression after kicking the board~~ super funny [touxiao]
15:09 The entire M group was surrounded while crossing the street~~ next gogo~~
20:54 Filming is over, the last dance was in Korean, M is both affectionate and awesome, Siwon and Zhou Mi both thanked us for our hard work…


101115 SEOUL: Because our person on the front lines yesterday ran out of phone battery, our live broadcast was halted before the third filming location, so now we are reporting from memory. The third location was changed from Lotte World to a riverside park. M split into two teams to learn traditional Korean dances. The wind by the river was blowing really hard~ so everyone was frozen silly, it wasn’t until the film crew brought hot drinks that everyone was saved. Siwon and Kyuhyun kept running around in circles, Henry curled up into a ball, and Ryeowook hugged the members together for warmth..

101115 SEOUL: This must have been M’s most difficult filming to date. They were outside for two hours by the river, so cold even our brains were numb. If it weren’t for Siwon and Zhou Mi coming over to tell us filming had wrapped up, thanks for your hard work today, noona would’ve still been standing dumbly there,,, T T Thank you to the adorable film crew and directors, and Korean staff~ you all worked hard today!! As requested by the film crew, our exclusive photos will be posted after the episode has aired. Thank you for your understanding ^^

@ZHOUMI_SJM Behind the scenes at the filming -0- Xiao Mi ge’s hat got tangled up on Henry, so it became a “fishing game” wahahaha~~ two cute people, making everyone laugh [toohappy] This won’t be aired in the show, so this is for you to keep~

Because of the language barrier and some problems synchronizing with the scene of filming, we reported some mistakes yesterday, hereby revised: in the second location Siwon did not wear a taekwondo uniform, it was three other members. Siwon acted in his capacity as an advanced athlete and guided them through the proper way to put it on, as well as etiquette. I don’t know why, but~ Today Siwon was extremely shy, and even when he was [demonstrating] taekwondo, he was restrained.. haha

101115 SEOUL: All the M members arrived in style, flowers~~ the first location was Gwanghwamun, and a lot of fans were watching~ The members all introduced themselves and gave gifts, and Donghae kept the 10,000 won prop for himself.. haha When it opened, Siwon was the first to speak, in my eyes he will always be No.1! And then came Henry and Zhou Mi, a beautiful morning [sun] GOOD MORNING~ for the ending pose of the filming, please check out Superman, kkkkkk~~

101115 SEOUL: 1. The second filming location was a scenic house below the Han River Bridge, and the floorboards were made of glass, so you could see the river water~ and so M kept stamping their feet with all their might~ 囧 2. Ryeowook cried that it was cold, Siwon directly walked over and wrapped his arms around him. Wow, I’m jealous 3. M kept calling the host, Li Rui, “grandpa,” saying they had to show their respect, haha 4. While Zhou Mi was twirling he kicked himself and stumbled, and said it was because his legs were too long hahaha… there were a lot of other funny moments. M’s genuine goodness [loveyou]

101115 SEOUL: Yesterday, according to our most front-line of front-line reporters, Xiao Mi ge, for the near future all the M boys will remain in Seoul, in order to record their new album~ to the fans that suffered with them through the filming yesterday, it’s chilly, so make sure not to catch cold! And please, look forward to their comeback! Of course we’ll look forward to it unconditionally~ because you guys are worth it ^^ Siwon says that he saw the banners and support in Nanjing, thank you everyone! You are our warm-hearted precious baby [heart] [heart] Even if it got colder, we wouldn’t mind~

Translated by @zhouminews
Original text and photos by


Translated by @zhouminews
Original text and photos by

You guys ended up together again, @SJMZhouMi, it looks like your ability to make Kyuhyun laugh is rivaled by none. Next time you have to make Kyuhyun show his face, he kept hiding behind you and Siwon today, so I didn’t get to see him very much. Hehe~
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