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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

-fan account- Choi SI Won in MBC ICON filming location

The first recording for MC Choi has ended, the performance was good. Although there’re slight hints of nervous, and some small mistakes, but the female MC and audience have huge rounds of applause and support (for him). Will elaborate on the fan account later, the photo was taken during the recording; Siwon specially went up the stage to thank the audience.

The first recording of ICON, there are many other normal audiences other than Siwon’s and the rest of the singers’ fans. The programme was separated into two sections, Siwon changed into 2 different sets of clothing, the first set was a formal suit, the bowtie was the highlight~haha, the 2nd set was the one shown in the photo taken above. The heels of the female MC was very high, therefore Siwon let her hold onto him each time she goes down the stage, (he) took care of her a lot.

During the recording, Siwon looked a bit nervous, probably it was due to not used to being a MC, made a few mistakes, said the wrong time, interrupted conversations and saying the wrong words, and after which, (he) stuck out his tongue and apologised, but the audience gave him rounds of applause, showing support for him. The female MC also said Siwon did well, commented that he improved a lot as compared to during rehearsal. Thus, our gag Choi laughed at himself, saying how lousy he would have been during rehearsal= =;;;.

During the recording, while waiting for the band to prepare, the two MCs began to chat with the audience in order to reduce the waiting time of the audience, everyone cheered on Siwon to show his imitations ability, thus Siwon began to imitate one of the singer sunbae Bobby Kim, the whole audience burst into laughter. Afterwards, Siwon even said that the members and his fans had no idea he had this talent, in the end he got “chided” by the fans in the audience = =

After the last section in which Siwon MC-ed ended and he proceeded to go down the stage, he did a hi-5 with the female MC, as to congratulate the successful ending of the first recording. Lastly after the artists had finished their performances, Siwon even specially went up the stage again, and thanked all the audience present, including the staffs. When leaving the TV station, (he) specially walked to the fans waiting outside the car park, and shouted to everyone that they have worked hard today …T.T… MC Choi, you have also worked hard!

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