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Friday, November 19, 2010

Choi Siwon's Handpicked Gift for fans of 3RD WAVE- read details

Christmas 10 pack
Read the pic carefully

Below is 

Siwon's Handpicked Gift for fans of 3RD WAVE.
Contest Winners gets a Christmas Rabbit + Personal pic of Siwon that is autographed with a message!

Below is gift from Brian Joo

[FAQ] There's @3rdWaveMusic ringtone? YES!! For every CD, you get a free ringtone (sent after Dec.15)! #3rdWaveinfo
  [FAQ] Where do @3rdWaveMusic proceeds go? @IWINcampaign, Food for the Hungry Int'l, Ivory Coast! #3rdWaveinfo
 Indonesian fans: Can't order @3rdWaveMusic CD online? Do it via @SiwonLover Details: #3rdWaveinfo

[FAQ] How much do I save when ordering @3rdWaveMusic CD during 11/15-12/15? $6 b/c shipping is FREE! WOW! #3rdWaveinfo
  [FAQ] How many Grand Prize winners? 4! Gifts from @Brianjoomuzik @siwon407 @VanNessVanWu @3rdWaveMusic! #3rdWaveinfo
 Who's featured on @3rdWaveMusic album? Dove Award recipient Lenny LeBlanc! Catch his interview on iTunes! #3rdWaveinfo

What do Grand Prize winners get? Artist Handpicked gift+@3rdWaveMusic T-shirt+signed CD booklet+ringtone pk+voucher for nxt CD! #3rdWaveinfo
What do 1st Place Prize winners get? @3rdWaveMusic T-shirt+signed CD booklet+ringtone pk! 7 lucky winners! #3rdWaveinfo
What do 2nd Place Prize winners get? @3rdWaveMusic signed CD booklet! There will be 100 lucky winners! #3rdWaveinfo

 "He gave me this gift. He gave me this opportunity to show love to other people." - @Brianjoomuzik on @3rdWaveMusic #3rdWaveinfo
 "I feel like my love for other people being spread amongst the world. I hope that happens." - @Brianjoomuzik on @3rdWaveMusic #3rdWaveinfo
  Here's what @Brianjoomuzik handpicked to show his love through @3rdWaveMusic project! #3rdWaveinfo

Indonesian fans if u cant order online thru
u can order thru us here

Eunice @Siwonlover (3rdwave admin)
thanks to Kristy from PopSeoul who helps us in promote this album. Here are what she wrote in

We have all the information on how you can receive this holiday present from the Super Junior’s Choi Si-won!

Pastor John Lee states: “Si-won, picked a Christmas Rabbit and he added a Polaroid pic of himself with the rabbit.He autographed it and put a little holiday message.“

Would you like this “Super” gift and help aid African children in need?

Here’s how you can enter to win:
This is just the second “Bonamana” gift in 3rdWaveMusic’s set of four! You will find “No Other” rabbit like this.

Source: 3rdWaveMusic

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