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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Choi Si Won, SNSD’s Sooyoung, Shin Se Kyung, caught up in ‘insincerity’ controversy

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Earlier, we reported on the heartwarming pictures of idol stars Shin Se Kyung, SNSD ’s Sooyoung and Super Junior’ s Siwon visiting ex-professional basketball player and coach, Park Seung Il. Park is suffering from a neurodegenerative illness known as Lou Gehrig’s Illness, much better known as ‘ ALS ‘. Nevertheless, rather than accepting this heartwarming act as their way of giving back towards the community, some netizens believed it looked low cost and disrespectful towards the affected person, as if they had only visited him to be able to develop their celebrity picture.

Within the pictures, the celebrities are smiling cheerfully next towards the ALS patient; Shin Se Kyung and Sooyoung were snapped giving kisses on Park Seung Il’s cheek.

Netizens who believed negatively of this expressed, “He’s not some zoo animal, why are they even taking pictures with those ‘V’ signs. The pictures of them kissing the affected person looks so forced and obvious.” “It does not appear great, those individuals swarming around the affected person and taking pictures as evidence that you visited him.”

Yet despite all with the harsh comments, Park Seung Il posted a message expressing his thanks for their go to. “ Sooyoung does not even like touching her personal feet when they’re dirty, let alone others’, so I was touched when Sooyoung massaged my feet for me. Se Kyung had the un-talkative wife picture just like from ‘High Kick’, and massaged my arms where I couldn’t see. It was cute.”

A representative with the Disabled Rights Institute explained via the phone, “With regards towards the claims made by the netizens about this controversy, if they couldn’t directly feel the discomfort with the disabled affected person themselves, it’s tough to claim that this went against the ‘Disability Discrimination Act’. Nevertheless, if these celebrities did indeed participate within the act only to upgrade their picture, then it definitely is really a issue to appear into.”

Supply + Photo: Chosun

oniontaker @twitter translated a posting that ex-coach Park posted today.
"My Statement on Today's Article"
A short while ago, the stars of this generation visited my house. Their purpose for coming to visit me was the warm intention to give my disease-centered life at least some vitality. I was so thankful for their warm hearts. And for stars to come visit me at my house like this gives me great hope and strength. The reason is that I was able to do what I wanted to before I died in this world, to raise awareness for Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and I gained hope from them. It's only celebrities praying for me and supporting me... I don't want their innocent intentions to be distorted by various people. And I wanted to remember meeting them with a commemorative photo, so we took some. I'm so sorry for the stars who came with innocent intentions to visit me. I asked them to take the photos, and I realised for the first time today that even I could hurt people with my actions. I am so sorry to them. Yours faithfully, Park Seung Il

PeteSamchon @twitter Quote "FYI, ex-coach Park can't move his body. He struggles hard to type letters by blinking eyes. It's really terrible he had to post such a thing"
 (thanks to LacusClyne)

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