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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

in partnership with @SiwonThailand , a GIFT for Siwon Choi =)

We  invite you guys to join with us in making a 'Book' as a Christmas gift for Siwon =)
We will for sure give this book to Siwon on December 2010 =)

Why we make this project ?
Eunice @SiwonLover says :  i just thought this gift as present for Siwon as regards for his hard working untill this time. And i wanna give this book as my warm hug to him. it's Like saying indirectly ' Siwon, you do great job ' =)

Beaunita @SiwonThailand says : in my mind, i imagine, whenever Siwon sees this photobook and whenever he opens it ... Siwon will smile and knows that are  a lots of  fans that always supports him

Helga  @Siwonlover says the gift represents myself to say ‘Good job, siwon. Keep give your best to your fans but most to your families and GOD’

Yocelin, USA @Siwonlover says: I want to show Siwon that we are very thankful for all of the hard work he does in order to entertain, us his fans, and also to let him know that we are behind him no matter what.

We will keep update this posting to you, and will inform you guys whenever we update this details =)

Here are the details :)
Title : 'I will praise YOU as long as i live'
'I will praise YOU as long as i live, and in Your name i will lift up my hands' Psalm 63 : 4
Theme for fans art & layout : 'won place won thing'

1. Whatif
In this page, Fans will made a sentece, which is like this
' If Siwon is a doctor, then i will be a nurse .. Because .....'
'If Siwon is a shirt, i wanna be .... Because .... '

we will choose the most unique. And put your name and location below your whatif.

2. Fans said
You can say whatever to Siwon in one sentece.
Example :
"Siwon , please tell Super Junior and staff to visit Turkey someday, it's beautiful place, and Turkish ELF love you so much :
" When i see text 'Choi Si Won' , i will consider that means goodness in a man "
We will choose the best statement.

3. Poem
You can write your poem for Siwon with edited image as background
Please make your writing can be seen clearly. Choose good combination of color.
Please send us image with 1200 x 1600 pixel size. For best printing result. Please make sure the font can be read easily. So it will make Siwon reads this easier.
We will choose the best poem from fans.

4. Funny Picture
You can put some funny comment on picture, so it would be nice & cute as the same time.

5. Edited image of Siwon
Theme : Won place Won thing

We will choose the best from fans Around the world
Directions are : pick up one photo about the place that reminds you of Siwon
and pick up one of photo about things that reminds you of Siwon.  The photo is taken by yourself  :)
Image size is 1200 x 1600 pixels

6. Prayers from fans
You know our Siwon really face hectic schedule. Let's show our support by let
him know that we pray for him.  This will encourage him for sure. This will be most
loved section =)
After you pray to GOD, You can write down and send that prayer for Siwon as
well. Send to

7. Christmas greeting
IT is christmas greeting in edited image from fans.
You can put your name and where do u live at the right bottom corner.
Image size is 1200 x 1600 pixels

Collecting fans' art , due date : Nov 20, 2010
Send your gift for Siwon to  and
Using subject : 'Gift for Siwon' 
Dont forget to mention your full name and location :)
If you send image, Please be consider that we want to have best printing result. Please use 1200 x 1600 pixel size on image. Use clear font if you put your words on picture. Dont send 'blurr image.

let's share this article on twitter :)

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