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Monday, October 18, 2010

-dozens facts! & information - Choi Si Won in Athena series

Athena Goddess of war, a South Korean espionage TV drama.'s a spin-off of 2009's Iris. Athena having been budgeted at 20 billion won ($17 million USD) !
Both Athena & IRIS series have become the most expensive Korean dramas ever produced !!
In May 2010 it's confirmed the series will b set in the same universe as IRIS & characters in Iris will reprise their roles.
Choi Si-won play role as Kim Jun-ho.
Athena's genre are action, romance, & thriller drama.
Athena will have 20 episodes.
Siwon (Jun-Ho)is A data analyst agent working for the NTS, Kim Jun-ho looks up to Lee Jeong-woo as a role model
Siwon (Jun-Ho) although he begins as a green agent, aspires to become an elite spy.
Athena-is expected to film in Italy, Singapore, Switzerland, New Zealand, China, Japan, and the United States.
Athena-filming locations (cities)are : Seoul,Rome,Venice,Belluno,Vicenza,Padova,Dolomites,Tottori,Hawaii,Switzerland,Singapore, New Zealand, China

Athena-Will b aired on SBS, 20 episodes,start on December 2010. approximately running time 60 min per episode

Amidst reports that SS501 Kim Hyun-joong had been offered a role in the series.
On June 17 it's confirmed Choi Si-won would take the role as Kim Jun Ho instead of Kim Hyun-joong
BoA joined the cast for filming in the middle of August.Set to play a fictionalized version of herself targeted by terrorists
On Aug 23 it became known that Jung Woo-sung's visit at SMTown concert for filming a scene for BoA's guest appearance on the series
To lend authenticity and create the sense that a real crowd was present, the production secretly filmed during the concert in Seoul that had drawn over 40,000 attendees

Athena-crew began work in Italy on July 11. it's 20 days , with promotional shots of filming done in Vicenza.
Then moved into northern Italy, Padova &Belluno. Italian Tourism Board has fully backed the production .
After had wrapped in Italy, Athena continued to filming in Korea.

On Sept 15,started filming in Japan for 2 weeks stint in the Tottori Prefecture. Tottori landmarks: Tottori Sand Dunes and the volcanic mountain of Daisen

Athena- will take filming location -> Hawaii on October 20th

Pls anticipate Siwon in this Amazing drama !!
Mark your calendar !
Athena will be aired on SBS on mondays & tuesdays . Start in December 2010. 20 episodes. 60 mins per episode.

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