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Friday, October 15, 2010

3rdwave CD and some trusted information @Siwon407 @Brianjoomuzik @VannessVanWu

Being part of this project, is a honor for me. =)
Here are some information for u guys. Hope u dont miss it & support Siwon in this good cause project .

Take a step, change a life. Keep walking, change the world. @3rdWaveMusic's album now on iTunes!
@3rdWaveMusic want to Build a school for the children in Africa.
On @3rdWaveMusic, @siwon407 "I feel so honored that I could sing on a project like this b/c u don't get many chances like this"
On @3rdWaveMusic THANK YOU's, @Brianjoomuzik "Finally, a huge goal of mine has been reached, which was to serve God w/ music."

If there is no music store in ur country's iTunes.. Try getting a gift card & buy from other countries' sites!
Can't buy from iTunes but really wanna support? No problem! Get @3rdWaveMusic physical CD here!

Wanna see @siwon407 @Brianjoomuzik @VanNessVanWu chart on iTunes? Get @3rdWaveMusic's album!!
TODAY'S CHALLENGE: Tell ONE person you haven't approached about @3rdWaveMusic & what they're doing!

Witnessing dreams becoming reality, that's what we're doing together through @3rdWaveMusic! Asia, rise up!
How many Asian artists have a FREE app on iTunes? Well, @3rdWaveMusic does!! Search for "3rdWave"!

On @3rdWaveMusic, founder Johnny "To Bobby [producer] who takes crazy chances on crazy ideas on a crazy person like me."
"Thank you for seeing the possibilities in me & becoming a lifetime friend." @3rdWaveMusic THANK YOU's

Great music! Great cause! Support @3rdWaveMusic album! Available on iTunes for just $10.99USD!
If you buy one @3rdWaveMusic song on iTunes, it's $1.29USD! Theme song is "I Will Be There"! #3rdWaveinfo
Did you know @3rdWaveMusic album iTunes version includes a Digital Booklet of exclusive pics? #3rdWaveinfo

Ok, guys, let's wait for weekend trusted information ;)

I (Eunice) am so happy for being in partnership with them =)
We should support this project =)
I was so excited when my mom told me, 'The CDs is arrive! ' you know why i was too much hehe.... because of this ;)

Thank you to Johnny, beloved Siwon, and Oppa Brian the cool one... for giving me such warm greet thru this autographed booklet hehe

<3 <3 <3 Eunice @SiwonLover
If u wanna take out those above information, it's okay, pls credit repectfully @3rdwavemusic <3 take out from @SiwonLover

let's share this article on twitter :)

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