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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Why Siwon wont come to be presenter for 12plus

Hello everyone, after we already known that who will be the next presenter for 12plus, there are some of you wonder and nervous about why this time Siwon who always come to shoot CF with us won’t come. Did 12plus change the main presenter? Siwon won’t come for 12plus anymore? and etc…
So we are here to explain for all of you. Because Siwon is really busy during these days. He is doing well with an actor. He has a lot of schedule for the drama shooting so he can’t come to meet us this time. Even though he can’t come but he still say that he miss all 12plus girls

This time Donghae come instead of him. I think Donghae also miss and want a lot of support from everyone like Siwon too ^^

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