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Friday, October 1, 2010

USB3G Praying for Choi Si Won, Brian Joo, Alexander, Ps.John Lee USB3G Oct'10 ed.

This is our monthly prayer
Pls join! In partnership, fanbases @kissme_1820 @siwonlover @brianjoo110 have joined forces to pray for our artists! We are called USB3G (U-Kiss/Siwon/Brian/3rd Wave Group)! =D As far as we know, this is unprecedented in terms of fandom and we want to spearhead this endeavor to support our artists in prayer.

GROUP PRAYER: Please pray for the following anytime on Oct. 1st. ^^


1. Brian's New York trip - Brian will be heading to U.S. on Oct. 2nd
to perform on Oct. 10th as part of the New York Chuseok Festival at
Randall's Island Park. He will also be visiting family and friends
during his stay. Please pray that Brian will have a wonderful time
with his fans at the performance and that everything will go smoothly.
May God keep him safe on stage during rehearsals and the actual show.
Also, pray that fans will show an enthusiastic response while he's
performing. Brian does not get to go to the U.S. too often. So, please
pray that he will enjoy a good time catching up with family and
friends. Hope this trip will give him some time to relax and recharge
though he will be working for part of it.

2. Brian's new album - As you can see from his recent updates, Brian
is still working on his next album. Please pray that God will keep him
energized throughout this process since he stays up quite late at the
studio at times. Also, please pray for Brian's health and vocals so
that the recording as well as editing will go smoothly. May friends
and fans give him encouragement online and in person throughout the
preparations for this album.

3. Brian's online store - Brian launched his own online shopping mall
(just for fans in Korea at this point in time) called "Storyman"
( early September. The site showcases
fashionable men and women's clothing. It's the first time that Brian
has been involved in his own business as a CEO. Please pray for wisdom
to manage his business and ask for God to help him deal with various
issues that may come up. For example, the site being down when there
is an overflow of traffic. Please pray that Brian and his staff will
be able to resolve problems that arise and everyone will have patience
when such situations occur. Pray that his site will enjoy much success
and business will expand to reach overseas fans in the future.



1. U-Kiss' comeback - Please pray for the boys' comeback to be a
success and for them to climb to new heights with this upcoming album.

2. U-Kiss' patience - Tension tends to heighten during comeback
periods due to everyone being tired or stressed. Please pray for the
boys and their staff to have strong ties and to have patience all
around when interacting with each other.

3. U-Kiss' health - Good health is very important. Please pray for the
boys' health since they're all practicing late these days and will
have more schedules to fulfill during their period of promotional



1. Siwon's heart - Please pray that Siwon will always have a pure
heart (Psalm 63:1). Also, pray that Siwon will always thirst for Him
and see Him in the sanctuary. May heavenly grace embrace him forever
and that Siwon will always be filled by the Holy Spirit (John 4:23).

2. Siwon's activities - Please pray that Siwon can lead a healthy
lifestyle and that God grants him divine health to keep him healthy
(Psalm 63:4). Siwon has a tight schedule, which includes the filming
of Athena: Goddess of War, Super Show 3 concert in Beijing on Oct. 23,
preparations for the upcoming SM Town concert in Tokyo, and various
activities. There will also be the launching of @3rdWaveMusic's "I
Will Be There" album where Siwon sings "Sweetest Name" with 3rd Wave
founder, Johnny. Pray that @siwon407 along with his elder brothers
@3rdWaveMusic Johnny, @Brianjoomuzik, @VanNessVanWu can be a blessing
for nations, especially for the African children in need (John 4:23).

3. Siwon's family - (Isaiah 59:21) Please pray for Siwon's lovely
father and mother as well as his only younger sister, Choi Ji Won, to
always be in His presence. And in turn, they can be representative of
Christ wherever they are. Also, pray for Siwon's beloved brothers in
Super Junior: Leeteuk, Heechul, Shindong, Yesung, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae,
Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Kangin, Kibum, and Hangeng, ZhouMi, Henry  to always be healthy.


3rd Wave:

1. iTunes launch - The 3rd Wave "I Will Be There" CD is available in
digital form on 2010.10.10! There will be a regular version as well as
Deluxe Edition with exclusive pictures and video interviews of
featured artists. Please pray that people will support this CD by
purchasing from iTunes and to pray for the success of the launch.
Proceeds go towards helping African children and this project means a
great deal to all the artists involved. May the songs speak to each
person who gets a copy of the CD, either the physical album or the
digital version. May everyone be blessed!

2. CD distribution - The 3rd Wave team has been working hard to
package all the CDs ordered during the pre-sale so that everything can
be sent in a timely manner. We thank God for their time and dedication
to this project. Pray that the whole preparation process will go
smoothly and everyone will safely receive the packages. The amount of
work can be overwhelming at times. May the team continue to stay
focused on God and seek Him for strength and rest.

3. African children - The 3rd Wave project involves helping African
children and others in need in Africa. Please pray for them. Pray that
they can lead happy and healthy lives through the proceeds obtained
from this project. Pray that they can experience the love of God and
the joy that comes from knowing Him. May Lord's grace and blessing be
upon them as we show them how much we care.

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