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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trusted info abt coming album 'I Will Be There' (SIwon, Vanness, Brian Joo)

@SiwonLover Eunice is trusted admin of @3rdWaveMusic. Here are some info that i wanna share with u.. =) pls mark on your calendar =) dont forget guys to support Siwon in this album 'I Will Be There'

If you got a @3rdWaveMusic CD by 9/25, you're in a SIGNED CDs draw! Winners will be announced tonight!!
The @3rdWaveMusic team will be preparing the CDs for mailing on Sep 27 for those who paid. Pls pray for

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If you still want to get the physical @3rdWaveMusic CD, we'll have another round of orders before X'mas.

If you want the digital @3rdWaveMusic CD, get ready for iTunes World Launch on 10.10.10!!
Help us spread the word about @3rdWaveMusic+support @Brianjoomuzik
@siwon407 @VanNessVanWu & African kids!

Teaser pic added! Can you guess who's @Brianjoomuzik @siwon407
@VanNessVanWu & @3rdWaveMusic Johnny? CLICK
Partial pic of that teaser will be released on 10/9, one day
before iTunes launch on 10/10!
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 You can get the regular @3rdWaveMusic CD AND a Deluxe Edition only
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 Deluxe Edition of @3rdWaveMusic CD on iTunes contains digital
booklet with EXCLUSIVE pics!

What's so special about the Deluxe Edition of @3rdWaveMusic CD on
iTunes? EXCLUSIVE video interviews! #3rdWaveinfo
 That's right! Vid interviews @Brianjoomuzik @VanNessVauWu Lenny
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credit :  as trusted admin of @3rdWaveMusic
if u wanna take out, pls consider to ask me first. thank u

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