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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Super Junior is high class even in the waiting room

It seems as though Super Junior members have a pictorial-like pose even when resting.

On the 13th, Super Junior’s Donghae uploaded a picture onto his Twitter with the caption, “Dream Concert waiting room ^^ it ended very late T-T. To all the ELFs who waited for a long time…thank you!! I’ll be careful on my way home!! Good Night ^^”

The picture shows the Super Junior members sitting inside a tent waiting room wearing handsome black suits. In particular, Leeteuk’s agonistic expression with his hands folded together drew laughter from fans. It was a shame that the photographer made a mistake and only captured half of Yesung’s face.

It doesn’t surprise me that the Super Junior members can even make the inside of a tent look glamorous with their presence.

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  1. they look so georgeous eben in a tent :D