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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

some ppl meet Choi Si Won when filming Athena in Japan

* NOTE: The one who wrote the fan account isn’t a fan of Siwon/ ELF, so the comment is very neutral/not biased *
*I omitted translation of other things, only included mentioning of Siwon *

1: Siwon is really very handsome. The filming should be very tiring but he is still very serious, and treat us fans very well. Is a person full of charm. He worked very hard filming, now there are so many gun-shots sound. PS: BoA has returned back to Korea, Siwon and the other actors are going to stay here to film more

2. Korean actors!! But not sure of the names. Saw these three men in the super market that I went. I thought that they must be Korean actors and so I queued up.There is a very handsome man who was speaking English fluently with the cashier. Isn’t Japanese, definately is the actor. The three of them uses Korean when they were talking together.

3. I am a hallyu fan after watching korean drama. I checked on Siwon’s information before going on the set. Yesterday when I was there, not sure when, a man that is definately more handsome than the photos walked behind me. Totally handsome, I was totally mesmerised, keep using my eyes to follow him around. His expression was the most lively one during filming, keep smiling.

SOURCE: Japanese fans
Credit: 百度崔始源吧
Chinese translation: hanahuahwa
English translation: minoko2440 @

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