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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Siwon in the list of “Most Influential Twitter” of Korean stars

Super Junior’s Donghae tops the list of “Most Influential Twitter” of Korean stars.

In the twitter world, there are many celebrities and politicians existing, and these people generally have a huge number of followers ranging between few thousands to few millions, and they could usually confirm this with the click of a mouse. For now, there are a few sites that release twitter ranking based on number of followers. However, despite having a huge number of followers, it is the most important of how much your followers actually respond to your tweets that’s crucial. has recently carried out a service titled Power Tweeter List as they choose the Top 50 most influential and powerful tweeters. These most influential tweeters not just consist of number of followers but also the number of lists they are in, number of re-tweets, and number of mentions of that account etc, and the results are as follow.

No1-Donghae (SJ)
No2-Heechul (SJ)
No3-Ryeowook (SJ)
No4-Alexander (UKISS)
No5-Eunhyuk (SJ)
No6-Park Kyung Chul
No7-Lee Teuk (SJ)
No8-Nickhun (2PM)
No9-Jokwon (2AM)
No10- ShesMD
No13-Siwon (SJ)
No14-Kevin (UKISS)

No15-Ha Dong Hoon
No16-Gyuri (KARA)
No17-Kim Ju Ha
No18-Kim Hyung Jun (SS501)
No20-Lee Oi Soo
No21-Drunker Tiger JK
No22-Park Yong Man
No23-Donkey Hoteh (normal person)
No24-Kim Mihwa
No25-Kim Chang Ryul
No26-Seulong (2AM)
No27-Jung Yong Jin
No28-No Hwi Chan
No29-Lee Min Ho
No30-Kim C
No31-Kim Je Dong
No32-Shin Ho Chul
No33-Lee Gwan Hee (normal person)
No35-Yoon DoHyun
No36-No Hong Chul
No37-Yenny (WG)
No40-Kim Yun Ah (skater)
No41-Cause Square (normal person)
No42-Doraemon (Normal person)
No43-Nicole (KARA)
No44-Yoo Si Min
No45-Lee Juck
No46-Sunmi (WG)
No47-Eli Kim (UKISS)
No48-Yubin (WG)

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