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Friday, September 10, 2010

Order Siwon in 3rdwavemusic album now!!

http://www.3rdwavemusic.orgDO u know, our Siwon Choi sing in 3rdwave music album 'I will be there' ?
Siwon sing 'The Sweetest Name'

For INDONESIA region
you can order thru us. For Christmas Sale is only Rp. 128.000 (CD + local shipping cost)
by sending your email thru our Indonesian admin
email subject : order 3rdwave
or tweet us on @siwonlover
Information about CHRISTMAS 2010 SALE, GRAND PRIZE & many surprised info. 

[FAQ] There's @3rdWaveMusic ringtone? YES!! For every CD, you get a free ringtone (sent after Dec.15)! #3rdWaveinfo
  [FAQ] Where do @3rdWaveMusic proceeds go? @IWINcampaign, Food for the Hungry Int'l, Ivory Coast! #3rdWaveinfo
 Indonesian fans: Can't order @3rdWaveMusic CD online? Do it via @SiwonLover Details: #3rdWaveinfo

[FAQ] How much do I save when ordering @3rdWaveMusic CD during 11/15-12/15? $6 b/c shipping is FREE! WOW! #3rdWaveinfo
  [FAQ] How many Grand Prize winners? 4! Gifts from @Brianjoomuzik @siwon407 @VanNessVanWu @3rdWaveMusic! #3rdWaveinfo
 Who's featured on @3rdWaveMusic album? Dove Award recipient Lenny LeBlanc! Catch his interview on iTunes! #3rdWaveinfo

What do Grand Prize winners get? Artist Handpicked gift+@3rdWaveMusic T-shirt+signed CD booklet+ringtone pk+voucher for nxt CD! #3rdWaveinfo
What do 1st Place Prize winners get? @3rdWaveMusic T-shirt+signed CD booklet+ringtone pk! 7 lucky winners! #3rdWaveinfo
What do 2nd Place Prize winners get? @3rdWaveMusic signed CD booklet! There will be 100 lucky winners! #3rdWaveinfo

 "He gave me this gift. He gave me this opportunity to show love to other people." - @Brianjoomuzik on @3rdWaveMusic #3rdWaveinfo
 "I feel like my love for other people being spread amongst the world. I hope that happens." - @Brianjoomuzik on @3rdWaveMusic #3rdWaveinfo
  Here's what @Brianjoomuzik handpicked to show his love through @3rdWaveMusic project! #3rdWaveinfo

Is the @3rdWaveMusic X'mas sale for a limited time only? Yes, Nov.15-Dec.15. Act fast! Order now! #3rdWaveinfoHow can I pay for @3rdWaveMusic CD? By credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer! Easy & secure! #3rdWaveinfo . If you are Indonesian , and have no paypall account, u can order thru us.
The digital @3rdWaveMusic album is available on iTunes! Comes with exclusive pics & HD videos! #3rdWaveinfo
Choi Si Won has picked not one but TWO gifts for @3rdWaveMusic! Stay tuned for details! RT! #3rdWaveinfo
Do I get any freebies when ordering @3rdWaveMusic CD? YES!!! Free poster for every CD! #3rdWaveinfo
Are there special prizes? YES! Handpicked gifts @Brianjoomuzik @siwon407 @VanNessVanWu @3rdWaveMusic #3rdWaveinfo
Are you on Facebook? Like @3rdWaveMusic's page & interact with fellow fans! Click! #3rdWaveinfo

We are official admin of 3rdwavemusic
LET'S SUPPORT OUR SIWON in this album  REMEMBER THIS ALBUM is Providing food &
education for African children.

The sale is still continue :) support Siwon, Brian , Vanness & 3rdwave team
More info click here.

Previous info ---
Pre order CD on Sep 10 2010 visit ends on Sep 25 2010
 CD price = 11.99 USD (exclude shipping cost ) payment method : using Paypal.
If you pre-order, you might win a SIGNED 3rdWaveMusic CD!! Buying more=more raffle tix for draw!!

[3rdWaveMusic Sneak Peek] The theme song on the 3rdWaveMusic CD is called "Awesome God" sung by Brian Joo & Johnny, which pulsates with passion in every beat! ♥ 4 more days left to pre-order if you wanna be part of the SIGNED CDs draw!! Click:

From @Brianjoomuzik on Twitter: "My new album is on presale. Featuring @siwon407 & @vannessvanwu.. Last week to enter the contest & get my signed cd:"
Please support 3rdWaveMusic, Brian Joo, Siwon & Van Ness Wu through this project. It means a lot to them. ♥


Various pics of Siwon, Brian and the 3rd Wave team. God is doing something AMAZING through Brian and them!!! ♥

Most of the vocals of 3rdWaveMusic CD were done in Nashville
Special pics from 3rdWaveMusic Nashville trip will be released at iTunes launch!!
When will @3rdWaveMusic CD be out on iTunes? 2010.10.10!! Mark your calendars!!

They're launching a FREE app on iTunes next week!! after Sep 13

Check out 3rdWaveMusic iLike page + FB for exclusive pics!

Siwon sing Looking for the Day at the SS3 concerts. You can download alternate version here for FREE!

The 3rdWaveMusic CD can be shipped internationally! You'll be using PayPal to pre-order.
Pre-order 1 3rdWaveMusic CD & you're entitled to 1 raffle ticket for the SIGNED CD draw!!
Pre-order 2 3rdWaveMusic CDs & you're entitled to 3 raffle tickets for the SIGNED CD draw!!
Pre-order 3 3rdWaveMusic CDs & you get 3 raffle tickets + 1 per CD for the SIGNED CD draw!!

For Indonesia region
you can pre order thru us 
by sending your email thru our Indonesian admin
or tweet us on @siwonlover
We are official admin of 3rdwavemusic
LET'S SUPPORT OUR SIWON in this album  REMEMBER THIS ALBUM is Providing food &
education for African children.

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  1. hello siwon lover:)
    i want to order CDs,but when i go to
    i don't know what to do.the pre-order time is going over,so can you plz explain for me how to order?
    that's my email
    thank you so much

  2. can you give me the exact track, and there's poster or something like that?