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Friday, September 3, 2010

HOT news : Choi Si WOn - in videos at Incheon airport & LA airport

sunday4rose | September 02, 2010
Airport arrival of Siwon, Yesung, Kyuhun, and Sungmin at LAX for SM Town 2010 Los Angeles.
Thanks to Angela for being camerawoman!

M0chiSK | September 02, 2010
I saw Siwon and Henry hugging each other!! :D
I wish i took a pic of it D:
Siwon's like the only one in the good mood~
Everybody else didn't smile or wave -*-
DUDEEEEE WHY PAY $160 to see them when u could just go to the airport and be that close to them for FREE? XD
Me: "Whose That?" "SUNGMIN! SUNGMIN!" (;
Didn't recognize him..

killingloneliness22 | September 02, 2010
Siwon (who waved to the fans and made eye contact), Yesung. Khyunnie, and MInnie

sjissj2 | September 02, 2010

lilMUS1CAN | September 02, 2010
DO NOT RIP from me... although I don't know why you would... rofl.... just saying =D
Who: Super Junior (Siwon, Yesung, Kyuhyun, Sungmin)
Location: LAX - Tom Bradley International Terminal
Date: Thursday September 2nd, 2010
Time: sometime between 11:00AM & 12:30PM
Reason: SM Town Live LA @ Staples Center on Saturday September 4th, 2010
I don't know if I got all of them in the vid or not D: I couldn't see T_T and I don't know which order they came in... I only saw Siwon first D: oh... and I only managed to fancam 2 of the 3 groups D:

lovelymiki85 | September 02, 2010
hey guys heres the other half of suju enjoy ^^
yesung , siwon, kyu kyu, sungmin and if i forgot someone let me know :D

RawrEllen | September 02, 2010
Siwon totally checked out my Fany fan~ xD SiFany!

morbidmelo | September 02, 2010
Pretty self-explanatory. Siwon is really good looking in person! O__O and Yesung was also wearing a mask thingy... sick as well?
I was surprised by Kyuhyun's acne scars on his cheeks/cheekbones... O__O Those make-up noona's/unni's are amazing!
And you probably can't see it, but Sungmin was smiling that foxy smile as he walked to the van :D

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