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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fanaccount of SMTown Shanghai 2010

Date: 11 Sep 2010
Venue: Shanghai Hongkou Stadium
Note: As I’m an ELF and Heechul biased, this fanaccount mainly contains details of Super Junior’s performances and Heechul’s parts. Please credit when taking out. Thank you!

* Missed: F(x) La Cha Ta and Chu, Kangta, Krystal and Jessica performances.
* Celebrated Kangta’s 15 anniversary. For Suju, I only managed to catch Zhoumi and Eeteuk on stage. Zhoumi spoke Chinese and asked everyone to sing “15周年快乐”*1 for Kangta in Happy Birthday’s tune.
* SHINee – Cannot remember what they sang. One of the songs was Replay. From 3rd song onwards, they’re kind of running out of energy already.
* Zhoumi and Luna – Chinese song.
* Heechul’s solo. Taemin rapped and Henry played the violin. He went very close to Taemin and “threatened” to kiss him. Taemin was very scared.
* Kyuhyun and Seohyun. They looked awkward. Haha. Fans kept chanting “圭贤!”*2.
* Yesung and Jonghyun. At first, can’t really hear yesung. He’s too soft and hoarse. But towards the end, they’re two power vocal house!
* Eunhyuk, Shindong, Key and Minho. They rapped and Eunhyuk’s super cute. The suju representatives wore black and SHINee wore white. Eunhyuk wore a blue cap! Minho’s super high.
* VCR with little girl and Suju preparing for her birthday.
* SJM – Blue Tomorrow. Kyuhyun was super steady. Zhoumi couldn’t hit most of the high notes.
* SJM – Me. Kyuhyun kept smiling. Ryeowook voice’s back!! Wook also smiled a lot. Hae did a heart which made all the fans went crazy. After they switched off the light at the end, someone said 再见*3 and everyone screamed. I think it’s Donghae.
* SNSD – Run Devil Run. The microphones were faulty. So the volume of their voices fluctuated a lot. Sunny’s microphone was totally muted. They introduced in Korean then in Chinese. Hyoyeon’s Chinese is quite good! She said “虽然今天天气不好,但是希望那你们玩得开心。”*4 Seohyun and Yuri also spoke Chinese. They said: “你们准备好了吗?”*5. YoonA’s very pretty!
* Super Junior – Super Girl remix. At the start, there’s no Eunhyuk and Heechul. All the non-SJM members received super loud cheers during their parts. Sungmin’s damn charismatic! He tied up his hair. Eunhyuk appeared at the end to rap. Very charimastic too!! At the end, Heechul ran out.
* Super Junior – Self introduction. Heechul did his milky skin cheer and the fans continued for him. He looked happy and satisfied. As usual, Donghae said “亲爱的宝贝们”*6. Yesung sang It Has To Be You during his introduction and Eeteuk laughed at him.
* Super Junior – No Other. Heechul talked again while dancing! He’s very happy throughout the performance. Eeteuk shouted “你们叫!!”*7. At the end of No Other, Heechul ran to the side of the stage and give/take something to/from the staff there. Not sure what though.
* Super Junior – Bonamana. During TeukChul’s part, Eeteuk took off his coat a little and revealed his shoulder. Then Heechul hugged him from behind. Fans screamed like crazy!
* SNSD – not sure of song name.
* Super Junior - Miracle. Siwon hugged Donghae and Eunhyuk. Heechul looked jealous as he’s walking behind them. Haha! Heechul hugged siwon when they walked past each other. At the end, Eunhyuk (I think) pushed Kyuhyun onto the floor and attempted to lie on top of him. Another member (don’t remember who..) also lied on the floor to play. Heechul hit Kyuhyun and asked him to stand up. Haha.
* Super Junior - Dancing Out. Heechul sang into the camera at the start. Scream!! Sungmin piggybacked Siwon. Shindong tried to jump on them but failed. Then Siwon pretended that his back hurts. After that, Shindong knelt on the floor and Heechul walked towards him. Heechul attempted to piggyback Shindong but failed.
* BoA – Not sure of song name. Then self introduction. She spoke a little Chinese. Then sang with Key.
* VCR. There’s DBSK in the video and suddenly, a lot of red lightsticks popped out. Like really a lot!! Most Sones and ELFs kept their lightsticks on throughout the concert, no matter who’s performing.
* Super Junior – Sorry Sorry Remix. Siwon’s head was already half revealed at the raising platform and it’s shown on the screen. Heechul went in after the first few lines.
* SNSD – Genie.
* SHINee – Ring Ding Dong. Jonghyun’s live singing is really good!
* F(x) – NU ABO. Victoria is much better looking in real life. And Luna’s power vocal!!
* Super Junior – A Man in Love. The part where Kyuhyun came out, it’s super handsome!! Love the dancestep! Siwon wore nothing under his coat. When he’s supposed to go down the stage, he took off his clothes even before he hit the steps. So he’s like half-naked. Haha.
* Kangta – Chinese song.
* F(x) – Mr Boogie.
* SHINee – not sure of song name. Key’s very diva and Jonghyun’s cute!!
* SNSD – unknown song then Oh!
* VCR. When Suju members appear, the screams were very loud!
* SHINee – slow song (not sure of song name).
* Onew and Ryeowook. Ryeowook wore white long sleeve + tie + grey vest. Super handsome!
* Dance battle. Eunhyuk pwns! Sooyoung’s very hot.
* BoA – Dangerous. When she’s singing, Yunho and Changmin walked past the grass patch infront of the audience to get ready for their performance. It caused a commotion in the audience seat. Most people were not paying attention to BoA already. BoA performed a Ballad song after that. I think it’s called Stand By? Many Cassiopians switched on their lightsticks for BoA.
* Yunho and Changmin. The whole Cassies population woke up out of a sudden. I think some ELFs and Shawols also converted. LOL.
* Super Junior – Don’t don. Heechul and his drums!! He just stood up and hit the drums violently at the end. Changmin stripped his shirt at the end. It’s the best moment of the concert because Cassies and ELFs united.
* Yunho danced and then Changmin. They self introduced after that. Yunho said: “你们开心吗?” Changmin also spoke a little Chinese.
* SHINee – Lucifer.
* SNSD - Gee. Their microphones were still faulty. Taeyeon and Sunny were totally muted. Taeyeon looked super unhappy.
* Super Junior – U Remix. Heechul hugged Ryeowook for very long! Cute!! Fans started throwing things onto the stage. Ryeowook picked up a towel and then threw it back to the audience again.
* BoA – Hurricane Venus.
* Finale – SMTown song. Heechul talked to BoA and then talked to Sulli for very long. After that he started struggling for very long and finally fished out a microphone from his back pocket. Yunho looked like he’s about to cry anytime. Water war!! Someone took the 8 litres bottle and started pouring it on someone else. I think it’s Jonghyun and Minho. So the person was completely drenched. While everyone was saying their thank you speech at the main stage, Yesung stood at the front of the stage alone, with a bunch of blue balloons in his hands. Eeteuk led the whole Suju (along with some SHINee members) to the middle and they bowed. Heechul was missing. Suddenly, Heechul ran out and he’s completely drenched!! He’s literally dripping wet. Not sure who poured water on him. Changmin was also soaked. Suju looked like they’re very reluctant to leave the stage, especially Yesung. I think someone threw 旺旺*8 to Eunhyuk again!
* There’s an uncle and auntie selling Hangeng’s recyclable bag and posters outside the concert venue at the end of the concert.

*1 “Happy 15th anniversary” in Chinese
*2 Kyuhyun’s Chinese name
*3 “Goodbye” in Chinese
*4 “Although today’s weather isn’t very good, I hope you guys had fun.” in Chinese
*5 “Are you ready?” in Chinese
*6 “Dear babies” in Chinese
*7 “Scream” in Chinese
*8 A kind of biscuit

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