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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Choi Si Won - will play in China’s version of “Gossip Girl” ?

Recently, the funding proposal for China’s version of “Gossip Girl” was leaked, Choi Siwon and Li Wei are both candidates for the lead role of Chuck in the Chinese remake of “Gossip Girl”. Netizens have stated that based on the American version of Chuck’s qualities, Choi Siwon is the best selection. In the popular drama “Oh! My Lady” that was broadcast in Korea a while ago, Choi Siwon’s performance was highly praised, also having considerable popularity at the same time, undoubtedly Choi Siwon will branch out into Chinese movies and dramas.

In addition, Han Geng has the biggest hope of beating Zhang Han to the role of Nate in China’s version of “Gossip Girl”. Within the members of Super Junior, the personal relationship between Han Geng and Choi Siwon is the best, there are netizens who revealed that Choi Siwon used Han Geng’s relationship to break into the Chinese market to film dramas and performances, these various kinds of activities were all arranged through Han Geng. If there are good opportunities then Han Geng will certainly look after Siwon so that they can both continue their brotherly relationship and appear together in “Gossip Girl”, anyhow the attractiveness of this drama is unequalled and is greatly anticipated.

Also, it has been exposed that in order for the extremely popular “2010 Super Boy” Chen Xiang to appear in the Chinese version of “Gossip Girl”, it is extremely likely that he will be “eliminated” from today’s “5 into 4 knock-out competition” to fight with Zhang Jie for the role of “Dan”. Recently he has even been rehearsing, campaigning, trying out for roles, attending training and classes, dieting to maintain his physique, undoubtedly to do battle with the new and old Super Boys.

Translator’s notes:
~ Zhang Han was the male lead in “Let’s Go Watch Meteor Shower” – China’s adaptation of “Boys Over Flowers”;
~ Zhang Jie is a “2007 Super Boy” while Chen Xiang and Li Wei participated in “2010 Super Boy”;
~ Chen Xiang was eliminated from the “5 into 4 knock-out competition” on “2010 Super Boy” on 28 August but Li Wei is still competing.

Translated by: purple_princess @
Credits: \\ SMTown thanks to http://13plus2stars.wordpress

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