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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Choi Si Won updated twitter Sep 24, 27, 29 2010

Siwon change his profile background on twitter..
but uhmm it looks like he unfollow many fans kkkk
we can understand abt this right.. since there r sooo many ppl he follows, it will make he gets dizzy whenever online in twitter.. not-stoping-update status from ppl ..

The pic is so cute
And Siwon looks so fresh here
with friendly smile & that kind t shirt, SIwon looks so ... ordinary man -)
yet i think its suit with his friendly & humble personality =) our gentle man

These are update tweets of him
Sep 24 th

Actually, i -as 3rdwave admin, already knew that he would tweet something to promote 'I Will Be There' album
=) - and then he updated this

​"Last day to win my autographed copy of the 3RD WAVE CD! :) !! "

Sep 27
@kevinra our SECRET project is coming sooooooon hahaha get ready - Guess who? ;) - With James and Terence at Ulsan shoot location :D!!

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  1. I wonder what was his SECRET project.....hmmmmm..