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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Choi Si WOn - in Staples LA, fan account !

Hi everyone! I really don’t know where to start since it’s my very first fan account.
I’ll try my best to be detailed.

So here it goes, Me, my sister, and my cousin parked in a building near the staples center and convention center, we were making our way to the convention to check out the Koreaboo meet up. As we were crossing the streets (this was at the back of both centers) and it was just us, like no fans at all, I suddenly noticed this one guy half naked wearing jeans with other two guys wearing navy blue collar shirt which from far away they looked like cops, I was like is this guy getting arrested because he’s walking around half naked? We were getting closer, then I noticed that the guy is really good looking, and the stupid me was just like whatever and just started walking.

But then my cousin, who was just tagging along with us because of curiosity about this whole kpop invasion, she said “is he one of the artist” and I said “no he’s not!” suddenly my sister said “Oh my god it’s Siwon!” and I looked really really close and it was really him!

He kinda smiled. I was very star strucked I couldn’t even move and my mouth was just wide open. We were just 3 feet away from him! My cousin who got really excited she said “let’s take picture with him!” Although she doesn’t even know him, and I said “I think we can’t take a picture”, my cousin wanted to get closer but one of the guy who was wearing a navy blue collar shirt stopped her, my cousin said “no we’re just looking for the meet up”, of course that was just an excused and the guy said “over there”.

The other guy took Siwon with him and then walked away so we ended up getting nothing Although it was sad, my heart beat was just pounding non stop and I was just really nervous, I felt like fainting at that time. So we started walking, and we ended up passing by that looked like bridge and an underground, i think, that leads to the staples center. Then Siwon passes by (as you could see in the pictures), my sister started screaming and I was just looking over him, I was so excited, that i couldn’t even scream. Some girls who also noticed him, just started running and screaming his name. Thankfully my cousin was holding the camera and took those pictures. Thanks to her, we could see his hot body! i asked my sister “did you see his abs, were they hot?” she was like “YEAH! SO HOT” I didn’t really see his abs because i was too shock I was just looking at his face. I just really can’t believe how he was so confident to flaunt his body just like that, well i’m not really complaining, but GOD BLESS HIS BODY!

So that was my short encounter with Siwon. I apologize if I wasn’t really specific enough but i hope you enjoyed reading it. THANK YOU!

P.S: The concert was AWESOME, TOTALLY THE BOMB!!! Super Junior totally dominated it.

Fan Account & Pictures Cr: NasB.

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