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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Choi SI Won in Athena will be aired in December 2010

As ratings increase,the original 50 ep SBS Monthly Drama《Giant》had increased by 10 more episodes (total of 60 episodes now) and the finale has been pushed back to December. Not only that but originally to be aired in November,《Athena:Goddess of War》is also pushed back.

《Giant》is a portrayal of three siblings encounters during the period of change in the 70s, cast members include Lee Beom Su, Park Jin Hee and Hwang Jung Eum More months now the ratings have been kept at around 15%, but starting last month ratings have risen to the 20s and standing as the nations Top 10. Seeing this the《Giant》Production team have decided to add 10 more episodes, the original 50 episode series have be elongated to 60 episodes resulting in the finale being in December, one crew member said: “We have considered this for a while, the main concern was if the cast members are able to have time in their schedules, when we brought up the decision the whole cast team agreed to the change readily and were wiling to changing their schedules to work with the series production schedule.”

Because of this, the upcoming big production series《Athena:Goddess of War》will not be able to air in November,following 《Giant》, it will be pushed all the way into December to finally be aired. 《Giant》will be continuing its competition with MBC《Dong Yi》. As of right now both series have been having similar ratings and will be showing the public a pretty intense competition to increase their ratings and views.

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