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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

CHoi Si Won gave message in his fancafe Aug 21st 2010

From 100821, it was translated today though!
Have you been doing well?
Hasn’t the autumn been really hot? Everyone please be careful of the heat
Thank you for everyone’s love and support
After Super Show ended with great success, SM TOWN LIVE will be nextㅜ
Next week’s the Chungdo concert, and the week after next in LA..
In all likelihood, I think I might pass by this year without spirit* ^-^;;
(But) it’s nice to be able to see (the fans) often^^
Please be careful of the heatㅡ drink lots of water ^0^
Ah! Those who are coming to SM TOWN LIVE today, please come thoroughly prepared with suncream, fans, suncaps and others
See you there ^0^
* Meaning he might be depleted by the end of the year with all the packed schedules.
Source: Choi Siwon’s Fancafé
Shared by ☆★pinkninja @
Translated by eternalsnow @

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