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Monday, September 6, 2010

2 vidoes of Choi SI WOn & Henry spoke English in SM Town LA Sep 4 2010

playecfan5244 | September 05, 2010
September 4, 2010
Oh Siwon, I LOVE YOU. I'm so happy I caught this on camera haha
After he says it, he looks a bit confused... d'awwwww.
It's almost as good as his "Are you guys making pretzels?" line ^-^

KatherineRose21 | September 05, 2010
AHHHHHHH!!!! Again me spazzing LOL!!! SIwon and Henry's English voices are so freaking HOT!!!!! I died a litttle inside OMG!!! I was the one that screamed IT"S AWESOME IT"S AWESOME HENRY I LOVE YOU!!! LMFAO!!!!
I sat section 7 row 3 seats 9 & 10 went with my cousin!

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