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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

USB3G Praying for Choi Si Won, Brian Joo, Alexander, Ps.John Lee USB3G Sept'10 ed.

Praying for @siwon407 @Brianjoomuzik @alexander_0729 @3rdWaveMusic together. 9/1 is our 2nd USB3G (U-Kiss/Siwon/Brian/3rd Wave Group) prayer time! Prayer partners @siwonlover @brianjoo110 @kissme_1820 are very excited to do this again. We can't believe it's already been one month since we had our first one!! =D

Please join us and help spread the word. We believe in the power of prayer and we want to make sure our beloved artists are covered in prayer. ^^V

God bless you all~ Take care and have a great week~


GROUP PRAYER: Please pray for the following anytime on Sept. 1st. ^^

from (Eunice)
1. Siwon's character - Please pray that Siwon will always have a strong passion to have Christ-like character and to have divine nature (2 Peter 1:3-4). Pray that he will always let God to do more work in his heart, his mind, and his entire life (Romans 12:1-2). Also, pray that Siwon will remain in His presence forever so that he may always be filled with the Holy Spirit, bearing divine fruits because God backs up everything that he does (John 15:1-3).

2. Siwon's health - May Siwon always have the wisdom of God, God's divine love, and good health in all the activities that he has to do on a daily basis. Siwon has a really hectic upcoming schedule: the filming of the drama "Athena", Super Junior Super Show concerts in various countries, SM Town 2010 concerts in Los Angeles and Shanghai, Hallyu Dream Concert. Not to mention, his role as a UNICEF ambassador and his participation in the 3rd Wave album.

3. Siwon's family - Please pray that Siwon's family will always be in divine health and have peace from God. Pray for his father and mother who have successfully raised him into the man that we see today as well as his little sister, Jiwon. May God grant them more breakthroughs in their spiritual lives, to have a fruitful life as Christians, and be real light for this world.



1. Brian's mood - It seems to be the rainy season in Seoul and Brian usually feels a bit down when it rains. Please pray for Brian to maintain a positive spirit despite the gloomy weather. May God give him something to smile about and something to be thankful for on every rainy day. Also, may God give him the motivation to get through his schedule on such days. Pray that God will give him strength and sustain him.

2.  Brian's hand - It appears that Brian has injured his left wrist since he is shown wearing a wrist guard in recent photos. He sprained it somehow. Please pray for him to be healed quickly and that it is not too painful or uncomfortable for him as he goes through his schedule.

3. Brian's fans - Please pray for Brian's fans to see Brian as more than just an artist. He is a man of God who is full of passion and kindness. He is bold in sharing his faith and he remains humble despite success. He knows that all his talents are God-given. May the fans, no matter what religious beliefs they have, keep on supporting Brian in all his endeavours. Pray that Brian will shine brightly for God and touch the lives of his fans.



1. U-Kiss' comeback - The comeback is set for sometime in September. Please pray for the boys to do well in preparations and the actual comeback. As they approach the actual date, please pray that they won't be tired out from their workload. Also, during the comeback week, pray that they'll cope well with all the media appearances. Pray for good health and favour, especially for Alexander and Kevin because they're the ones with the most hectic schedules. Hence, the comeback preparations will be quite rigourous on top of their regular commitments.

2. U-Kiss' safety - Please pray for God's protection over the boys as they and their staff travel from place to place, either locally or internationally. They've been having schedules in various places lately and returning home really late. The frequency of all this travelling would only increase when they make their comeback. May God grant them and their staff safety wherever they go.

3. U-Kiss' performance - On September 11th, U-Kiss will be performing with Rain in the Philippines for an event entitled "Intensity" at the SM Mall of Asia at 8pm local time featuring special guest Christian Bautista. Please pray for the concert to be a success. Many KissMes view this as a major opportunity for U-Kiss' popularity to increase since Rain is a huge star. Hence, there will be a lot of press coverage on the event. May the Lord give the boys favour in the media's eyes. Pray that there will be no complications arising from the planning or proceeding of the concert, and that the organizers will do a good job to avoid any chaotic situations. Please pray that the fans of Rain, U-Kiss, and Christian Bautista will be respectful of the artists and fellow fans and have fun.


3rd Wave:

1. CD Pre-order - The 3rd Wave "I Will Be There" CD is available for pre-order on 2010.09.10! Please pray that people will support this CD by pre-ordering. All the artists involved poured their hearts out on this album and proceeds go towards helping African children. May God touch people to support this meaningful cause and help spread the word about this album.

2. IGNITE:1040 follow-up - The IGNITE:1040 conference recently took place in Seoul 8/27-8/29. Please pray that God will continue to work in those who attended the conference. May the seeds that were sown continued to be watered and grow. Pray that everyone who went was transformed by the experience and the change will not be temporary. For people who got to know God through the conference, we ask for God to shower them with His love and surround them with brothers and sisters who can support them in their walk with Christ.

3. African children - Since the 3rd Wave project involves helping African children, let's pray for them. Pray that they can be happy and healthy. Pray that they can enjoy the things we would consider to be very basic such as food and education. May they see the Lord's love and grace overflowing in their lives.

--siwonlover in partnership with @brianjoo110 @kissme_1820
thanks to Ps.John Lee who support us to do this prayer time, thanks to ALexander's father Mr.Anthony Eusebio , thanks to Brian Joo who loves what we do and of course thanks to dear Siwon for pray for us.

follow us to new info about Siwon, about 3rd wave Music and to join pray with us @siwonlover

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