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Friday, August 20, 2010

Prayers from fans for Choi Si Won August 2010

This is what we pray for Siwon for this weekend
We will pray for Siwon on August 21st 2010 on 11am KST

First and foremost, I pray for Oppa's good health.
I wish you stay happy, blessed and be the Siwon Choi that we, Siwonest, love.
I pray for your career, family and friends.
I pray that Oppa will always show off his smile which always puts light in each Siwonest's day.
I pray that Oppa will continue being modest, responsible, well-disciplined man, gentle, matured and being serious but can make me laugh at the same time.
I pray Oppa will stay handsome. well, that's given. :)
I pray for Oppa's love life. [i'll set aside my fan girl attitude now and i'll not be selfish haha] I wish for a girl who will be perfect for you, who will love you and you will love too.
I pray Oppa and the Super Junior will stay strong for us ELF 'cause ELF will definitely do.
I pray that you will keep on inspiring us 'cause we're willing to keep on loving and supporting our Oppa
from Kristelle Mateo, Philippines

Lord Jesus, i know that You love Siwon. Whatever he do, whereever he go, please also beside him. Give him strength when he weak. Give him what everything he need. Also keep him in Your holliness. Make him shine like You. In Jesus name, i pray. Amin.
:) Sorry if my english is so bad. Jesus Bless You
from merry christmas

@siwonlover From Singapore! Dear Siwon, please stay healthy! Have more time to rest!!! May your life be filled with happiness! :) via web in reply to siwonlover

@Iky_chan : i hope siwon oppa still number one in every people..n still be a member super junior..n sucses in many drama..iky_chan indonesia in reply to siwonlover via Mobile

@ChristYol Dear Jesus... Please guide @siwon407 with Your Holy Spirit. And be Your way in his life. Amen. (Tina from Indonesia)

@sopaang pray that he'll be used by God and be a blessing to others, cause others to come to Christ : ) from Bangkok about 23 hours ago via TwitBird in reply to siwonlover

@siva602 bless siwon; can far away from hurt & keep healthy,May all his wishes come true ^ ^God bless ps: i am from China :)

@ChicDolFreak God thank u for protecting and letting us know siwon oppa I hope that he'll become more successful in the future n keep on spreading the word of God until the blue angels know how much u love them. Amen
ChicDolFreak via UberTwitter Indonesia

@ZadaVentura pray that God always use Siwon so he will shines in this world for God's glory, -pray that God send His angels to protect Siwon in whatever he does that nothing will harm him including accidents in performing & pray for his safety, - pray God will always bless him, - pray for his health , - pray Siwon always walk on God's path & plans for him, - pray that Siwon always have a good relationship with God - pray God will give His peace & joy in his heart beyond human understanding, - pray that God will grand what Siwon desire in his heart - pray for God's annointed in his performing in SS3 include all SJ members, especially when He sing "Looking for the day" that the songs will touch audience heart so they can feel God's presence, - annoint Siwon's voice so people will feel God's presence when he sings

@michghien God, please keep him always in health. Save his journey whenever he go. Bless his job, his family and his study. May every happiness always be a part of his life. I love him although he can't see me. So, I just can pray to feel so close with @siwon407 oppa. Amin fr Indonesia

@paulinavita @siwonlover God, bless our beloved soldier of light who nvr forget You in any conds! Keep him undr Your light, and th right path -indonesia

@blessiwon @siwonlover God, my lovely siwon is kinda busy lately, Please give him a strength so he can do all well. And please bless him and super junior for everything they do. Thank you. AMEN. -from jenni in indonesia

@i_wenz My pray for him now : for his body n mind conditions n I hope that he won't forget Indonesian Elfs. TT______TT

@moemole @siwonlover wish him good luck. fr Indonesia

"@Yoshiflower: Oppa I pray that you do well today on your solo!!!!! I know all of your hard work will pay off!!!!"

@asael2111 : I hope u can success in everything u do, and Jesus bless u always! I hope you and SuperJunior will be more success.. :) God bless u always siwon appa! ;)

"@Fraulein14: may Jesus always bless you oppa @siwon407 i hope SS3 will be more success ^^ *pray Our Father* AMEN ^O^"

@kazuma_miyuki this is my wish for Siwon he always healty , fine, and God always blessing him :) God always be with u boy :) love ya :)

@helga_ar location: bandung, indonesia .i pray that he always keep his faith up. he will be blessed in his friends. i pray for his family will always love Jesus n be bless, and for siwon n family health...that they always put God first.. Jesus bless him n his family more n more, AME

@Ruby Manuel (Philippines)
Dear Lord Jesus,
     I pray for my cousin/coELF Ate Rhea for the problems she's facing right now. She'll get through it. I believe.
    I pray for Super Junior. May you always guide them in their activities. May they always remember You. ^^ I pray for their longer success in life with the ELF.
    I pray for those who don't believe in You. May the Holy Spirit work upon them. May their eyes be opened in the beauty of Faith.
    I pray for my relationship with You God. May I feel more our love for each other. I miss the intimate relationship with You Lord. Because of preoccupation in worldy things, I tend to be forgetful and busy. Sorry Lord. Help me to be closer to You. I love You.
    May Your will be done. ^^

@Andrea Castro
Lord, as the years went by, as I grow older, everything around me changes. This includes the obstacles and problems that is ahead of me.In line with this, I am facing a very complex problem in which my family is involve.I am truly hurt by this. It is like nobody but you whom I can trust and ask for your help.I really don't know if I can bare this since the dilemma I am facing right now involves relationships with family & relatives, money, work, pride, disappointment, blame and trust.God, Please do give me the strength to bare all of these obstacles. I believe I am still young to face this kind of obstacles, alongside with my mother who is also so stressed out. I feel I am wasting my youth in too-much-adult matters.I pray that everything will be alright eventually. But it seems so impossible. As if I wanted to die *inside* and I feel as if I carry the whole world's problems... That's HOW HEAVY I feel in my chest.I am praying to you now, Our Lord, to hear my prayer.Please give me strength to carry on. I don't want to make my mother or even my dad worry about me. I want to feel better, to be stronger. For me to encourage my parents as if we can do everything.... That everything is possible through our Christ, our Lord.Please hear me out, Our Lord.Thank you & We Love You.
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  1. siwon my one of my idol! God bless you! dnt for get always to pray and talk to god always...take care of youre self always...god is always there to you .. to bless, to guide, and to protect..
    nice youre song who am i version., that song is one of my favorite.

  2. siwon my one of my idol! God bless you! dnt for get always to pray and talk to god always...take care of youre self always...god is always there to you .. to bless, to guide, and to protect..
    nice youre song who am i version., that song is one of my favorite.