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Monday, August 2, 2010

From fans to Siwon - compilation from Vinu, United Kingdom

vinubharani | July 30, 2010
My story begins when I clicked"who am I" by chance..and Siwon's voice is too mesmerizing :)...personally i prefer Siwon the singer than the actor.
i realised that he has a huge dedicated this MV is dedicated to all his fans :)

Facts about the video
1.It has 110 clips(mostly 1.5 or 2 secs)
2.Its Shania Twain's Man I feel like a woman
3.Choi Siwon from korean boy band Super Junior and
4.Tried capturing his joy,anger,frustration,hopelessness,silly smile,desperation,dissapointments,saddness,humbleness,that super walk :) etc etc

am crazy bcos of 3 reasons not into dramas but had to watch each episode atleast 3 times to get the clips.
2.being clueless and a newbie at editing but wanting to do a MV with 100 plus clips and
3.have spent every single minute that i could spare on this MV for the past few weeks

am happy bcos of 3 reasons was a pure challenge
2.the whole process of learning something new which gives a kick respect for the editors out there :)

thanks to the drama oh my lady i know few korean words most fav word ..bichungoniya..:)

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