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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Choi Siwon on Cartoon : Who know the name of this cartoon???

Hello,this is Eleamor , i'm new admin of . Pls welcome me ^^
. I'm browsing my facebook earlier then i found on home from Choi Siwon ♥GESTURE MAN♥,
with her message below:
+gongju+: Annyeong yeorobun!:D how's your day?:) i felt too tired today, but thanks to this pic for making me smile.XD shared by:

I admit, I'm actually searching for Siwon's pic like this. Becoz i already saw other SJ's pix being matched up with Pokemon cartoon characters.. So glad that I found this one.. so cute right? ^__^
credits to

posted by Eleamor
Hello guys, i'm happy , Eleamor has joined to this blog ^^ this is her very first posting ..
pls welcome her ^^


  1. 哈哈,这是中国的源饭制作的,是中国的动画片,名字叫喜羊羊与灰太狼!

  2. Hello Eleamor!

    Thank you for the pic of Siwon compared to a cartoon character! It's so cute!

  3. It's Gray Taro from China animated movie 'Yang Yang and Gray Taro'

  4. Welcome Eleanor!
    So cute....and uplifting.

  5. Hello Eleamor,
    Hope to see many Siwon news by you,
    and thanks for the other admin too :) (:
    I love this blog

  6. I saw this on Choi Siwon Gesture Man fb :) its really cute ^^ <3 Oppa's smile always brightens my day :))

  7. from SIWONFANS (google translation):Haha, this is the source of rice production in China, is China's animation, called Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf!
    Wolf is a very popular cartoon in the role, it was love my wife, it's wife called Red Wolf, China's source of food said to marry, marry a Wolf, as we all scrambled popular Wolf! ! ! Let's origin would be a good future husband! ! ! A good father! ! !

    to SIWONFANS, thanks for the story, i used google translator for your comments.. so it really came from CHina.. so cute.. ^^

  8. to: ayabewakasa
    Hello to you, and thanks that you appreciate it. ^^

    Anonymous #1 (after ayabewakasa)
    thanks for the info. ^^

    Anonymous #2
    thanks for welcoming me.. and so glad that you like it.

    Anonymous #3
    thanks for the comment, don't worry i will do my very best to post more news here. the main admin is siwonlover, and thanks for her coz she welcome me here, i really love her blogspot so much.

    Anonymous #4
    yes, i saw this too from my facebook home.. from a siwon's fan-site too.. i love those sites too that have siwon news. ^^

    to all, thanks for the warm welcome..
    -eleamor (@pinkbunny010185 aka Vit. E (welovechoisiwon)