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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Choi Si Won -'s personality in our thoughts

Today, i refacts alot abt SIwon's personality, didnt i.. :)
i wanna share my thought to u guys abt Siwon's personality.
This' my thoughts, i also put your thoughts here as well

i wondered, why so many people loves Siwon?
And why he can has those high quality manners.i thought that because he cames from very wealthy family..but i realized,in fact in this world,many rich boy doesnt have those quality...hmm am i wrong?
i ever dreamt to hv those positive manners.that can make me become a stable person. would affect much in any areas of life .
Though in this world,no body is perfect.. but a will to be better & instropect our self for not do the same mistake in future, is recommended to b have. though sometimes, we found hardtime faces us n trying to hold us back to our nature habit -in this case refers to habit which was not true- we should not give up. Strong will usually should make things happened.

so, guys, do u know, why he can be like that?

i found the answer once he sang the "Who Am I"
"Not because of who i am, but because of what You've done.Not because of what i've done,but because of who You are..."
To tell u the truth, this is the answer. Siwon has strong will to be better person day by day . He's motivated by what God had told him in person. This is his true motivaton.

And motivates me as well.

Whatever u're doin now, when we take it seriously, -the true motivation- u can doin better your life. Eventhough we're still young, thus we can start to build our life in better way.

SIwon is a man that get into the true motivation seriously. and he become like now.
So, we can say, we can also have better personality, when we get into the true motivation. DOnt wait any longer, let's together hv better life way.

these are my today refacts of SIwon's personality.
# Donghae : When Zhou Mi sees that Siwon is trying to get close with him, he throws himself at Siwon. Hehe~~ about 2 hours ago via web
#Donghae:Even when he was sick, Siwon didn’t let it affect his work. He would always use smile in front of the fans. about 2 hours ago via web

#Once in China Siwon stayed in the room himself to practice chinese again& again.he worked very hard and put in a lot of effort about 2 hours ago via web

#DOnghae:Siwon’s tolerance, gentleness and kindness often makes people feel that he’s very big. Siwon is also a very responsible man about 2 hours ago via web

#Siwon always wants to make God smile on him,makes his parents proud of him.& trying to be better than yesterday. about 2 hours ago via web

#Donghae:And then no matter what I said was wrong or right, Siwon would always make me feel better first about 2 hours ago via web

#Donghae :Every time I say something bad, Siwon always looks at me innocently and listens to me until I finish talking about 2 hours ago via web

#DOnghae :Siwon is also very considerate. I’m the kind of person who feels irritated if I don’t get everything off my chest. Every time I -c- about 2 hours ago via web

#Donghae:Siwon is a very kind person, his heart is very gentle, completely different from his strong outside appearance about 2 hours ago via web

#Donghae:Even when Siwon is angry, he tries his best to calm himself,&discuss the problem with other people in a very reasonable manner about 2 hours ago via web

#Siwon is always very polite with everyone,-SJ members love to made fun of his frequent hand gestures about 2 hours ago via web

#-c- only then can one achieve the results that are desired, only then can one gain the understanding & sympathy of others about 2 hours ago via web

#Siwon feels that be it in his life or in his work, if one uses a sincere attitude & actions to treat the things & people around -c- about 2 hours ago via web

#Siwon & SJ : I’m really thankful for their existence about 2 hours ago via web

#Siwon & SJ : Though we’re not related by blood, but thy’re really truly brothers & family about 2 hours ago via web

#the passion that Siwon has for acting is strong, & he also has a certain ability to act about 3 hours ago via web

#Being polite&courteous's definitely good,but an occasional prank cant onlychange theatmosphere,can alsomake someone seem livelier&more human about 3 hours ago via web

#Although Siwon is only in his early 20s, but his actions have already led people to feel his diligence.

# Attentive. Considerate. Guys who take into account his surroundings always lead people to have a good impression. about 3 hours ago via web

#“Actor Choi Si-won is here because of Super Junior. I can’t give both Super Junior and acting up.” about 3 hours ago via web

#Siwon: As I get older, I feel that the best thing I can do is to make my parents happy.

these are your answer 'let me know first,why do u love Siwon? '
@siwonlover, bec. Siwon is God-fearing, gentleman, & kind. . .

@siwonlover at first i love Siwon bcause of his looks but now i realize that his personality is more adorable than his looks. so now i love him bcause he is Choi Si Won. :)35 mins ago in reply to siwonlover via Mobile

Cos he loves God. The way he shares love to another really amaze me. RT @siwonlover: i wanna share my thought to u guys

@ colorfullshine
@siwonlover coz he sang my favourite song at his latest drama.

@siwonlover because he's unique! hahahaha. handsome. good personality. etccc! he's perfectt!

@Yoshiflower said:
@siwonlover Everything!!! His caring personality he shows to not only his family and members but everyone he meets. I love his gentleman charms that he always has. Even if he isn't interested in a girl he would be gentleman like to her. I always love his strong faith. It is so sweet that he always tries to spread the word of our lord to everyone he meets. I love that he dosn't judge someone by the way they look but by their personality, and what is inside. I also love that he knows that he can do anything, he is good looking and has money and yet that doesn't seem to show. I love his humbleness!!!! I love that he seems like a serious person but in fact he is one of the funnist in Suju behind the scenes!!! He seems like a every down to earth person!! Anyways I can go on and on all day to explain why Siwon oppa is my bais!!

@siwonlover For the same reasons you've posted. :) He seems to really be a man of faith and firm principles yet he is gentleness personified

so many reason!! >,< @wiiwiiwiiwii Bcoz i ♥ his smile and he looks cute @ThePerfectPiece @siwonlover @siwon407 is a gentleman,talented,religious,good-looking,kind hearted,hard-working,tall,sincere,fun-loving man

hope we can support Siwon with our prayer. tweet me your prayers. @siwonlover
along with my USB3G (@brianjoo110. @kiss_me.. ), we're trying to send prayers letter to Siwon.

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  1. Honestly, I started watching K-pop abt 5 years ago. I started out being a TVXQ fan. then I recently came across oh! my lady and got interested in the main lead cuz he was an amazing actor and well, just plain out..good looking..haha. little did I know at the time, I was going to really be inspired by this person. Siwon's personality is really inspiring and amazing.He has an strong personality. The main thing I came to love about him is His love for God and his actions to spread God's Word to many people through his work in the industry and through organizations. He respects and loves His parents. He is funny, kind, gentle and just rooted in the moral principles. I hope he continues to grow as a man of faith, confidence, gentleness, and servitude. Keep being strong in the Lord!work hard & stay healthy! ~ God's Blessings! :)

  2. Siwon is like a true gentleman. Everything he does is polite, nice, and caring. He follows Jesus and his gestures are just adorable :)