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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Choi Si Won - in vids of SS3 (cheering up a sick girl, Leeteuk in arabian,Siwon answer singapore,etc)

superting13 | August 16, 2010
HAHAHAHA~ we must really thank the singapore media who had flown all the way there for the media coverage. Its either omy or xinmsn. but who cares, they all belong to singapore media! ( i think both were there) haha~ subs starts from 10 ++. Subs were badly placed. was in a rush. sorry~~

RaiBaka | August 16, 2010
Credit: myhae
leader is really cute xD lol at his outfit xD

100815 Super Show 3 in Seoul - VCR Super Junior cheering up a sick girl

RaiBaka | August 16, 2010
Credit: saggiorpiioxgalaxy

RaiBaka | August 16, 2010
Credit: 爱伊唯澈、@tudou

RaiBaka | August 16, 2010
Credit: sjfamily

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