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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Choi Si Won - in random videos

Vinny009JP | August 03, 2010
Above is in 2009 Starking show

13onamana | August 02, 2010

HannieWon | August 04, 2010
Credit as tagged on video.

dhbada | July 22, 2010
Fanmade Photobook for Choi Siwon's birthday, in 2010, by SJ-WORLD.NET ♥ This is Gaia/↘LƎADƎR☆규현★/@pastakyu's personal copy (so no worries about the crease that got there when I took the video, lol); Siwon's is in Korea and ready to be delivered to him as soon as we find a way to! YT cut off the top half of the video, but you can still tell if that's your photo or not :)


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