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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Choi Si Won - in Leeteuk's first impression of siwon (eng sub)

Ranteuk12u | August 03, 2010

Leeteuk : When i frist time saw Siwon , i was worried, to be on the same team as him. At that time, Siwon already appeard in KBS drama. I felt intimidated since he was very handsome. It's true..
Siwon : *shy --using his hand gesture
Host: "..Oh really, so u kept thinking , how can someone who looked handsome enough to be an actor be on the same team as you & sing ?
Leeteuk : Yeah. But now, his character and mine also had an exchange
Siwon : * big smile

At the end of vid, SIwon imitated another Korean celeb very well.

posted by Eunice

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  1. siwon is such a cutie XD
    hey whats the name of this show??