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Friday, August 6, 2010

CHOI SI WON - in Donghae's Twitpic 100806

Hello Lei here
this will be my 2nd article:
today it's about Donghae Twitpic
아시아의별 BOA선배님 다른친구들은 응원갔는데 못가서 Sorry Sorry !!미안 !! 최고의 무대를 보여줘 !! 짱먹어라 우리 BOA!!

[TRANS] @donghae861015: - Asia's star BOA sunbaenim I missed the chance to go with other friends to cheer you Sorry Sorry !!Sorry !! Let's show me the best stage !! Our BOA is the best of best!!
translations credits to: myeveryhae@Twitter
when i saw this pic, i'm actually infront of the piano ready for practicing. but cant plat anymore coz siwon is here too.. ^^
then some siwonests, answered me back with....
CameWon473: those guys never really failed to give me excitement in twitter.../even me,im supposedly to eat now but when i saw it im really giggling like hell..but i can't shout too much my is around..
bobbypyro: i cant focus on my assignment now because of that picture!!! im blaming Lee Donghae for this! but i still enjoy it.. hehe
see, even siwonests cant focus on this. dunno why, LOL.
but even though, i'm enjoying looking on this pic for a while, i still disciplined myself and continue playing.. coz my career is more important than stucked looking on this pic. anyway, hope you love this picture as much as i do. ^__^

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