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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Choi Si won - at the back of SM building

Super Junior - Choi Siwon at the back of SM building

This is Cassie's article about the reportedly accident that have happened on Siwon during the SS3, second tour concert in Seoul.

Super Junior Siwon outside of SM

Apparently, news have circulated that Super Junior member Choi Siwon unluckily fell on stage in their last performance. Fortunately, he recovered instantly and continued performing professionally, no severe injuries were caused. (This picture was taken on the back of SM Entertainment Building showing Siwon that was totally fine.) Other than that, SS3 have finished with a success.

Despite of the accident, Siwon showed to the ELF's that he was strong and can overcome obstacles like this with head high. He performed his best and showed to everyone how strong and healthy he is. By that, I thank God that our beloved Simba was safe and haven't received injuries.

posted by Cassie
hello all, pls welcome Cassie here, She's new admin and have great passion to keep this blog alive. I'm happy she's joined with us. Gb dear Cassie ^^ -Eunice

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