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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Choi Si Won - as fans for Lady HeeHee

Siwon407 at Heedictator's Twitpic update 100815

Heedictator: 팬들과 함께.. 레이디 희희
WeLoveWonhae: [TRANS]
RT @Heedictator: With Fans.. Lady Hee Hee

Thanks to @WeLoveWonHae -Novi-she's also admin of beside Eunice & Eleamor.let's welcome her ^^
Cr: @Heedictator

I love how our beloved Simba posed so cute here.. babyface i can say.. so aegyo, KAWAII!!!

posted by Eleamor (@Pinkbunny010185 of @WeLoveChoiSiwon

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