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Friday, August 27, 2010

Choi Si Won - and Donghae To Act On A Taiwanese Drama

Siwon and Donghae To Act On A Taiwanese Drama

Idol Drama Extravagant Challenge* has had many hardships while trying to decide on a male lead, from Jerry Yan to Wu Chun, 'till the final decision of Super Junior's Siwon and Donghae to take up the post. Siwon and Donghae have a rather deep relationship with Taiwan's entertainment circle. They have once came to Taiwan and given support by making a guest appearance in Ariel Lin's Fireflies MV, and thus forged cooperation opportunities.

This time, the missing of male leads for Extravagant Challenge led to the pulling of strings by Ariel Lin's management company, who sought out Siwon and Donghae of Super Junior.

Extravagant Challenge is an adaption of a Japanese manga, now the male protagonists are taken charge of by Korean male celebrities, and the female protagonist is portrayed by Taiwan's leading sister Ariel Lin. China, Japan, and Korea, the collaboration of these three countries is not a small gimmick.

Extravagant Challenge is approximated to begin filming in March of next year (2011). A lot of audiences are worried because Siwon and Donghae do not understand Chinese but while filming (A Battle of Wits), Siwon has already had experience with dubbing.

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